Kevin Blayn

Name: Kevin Blayn
Concept: Ink Slinger
Faction: Chaos Insurgency
Physical Health: 7
Mental Health: 7

Description Kevin is six foot 4, 230 lbs of tattooed skin. Every inch of his body is covered in tattoos…when he wants them to be. Most of the time, he keeps his face clear. He keeps his head shaved, so he has more room for art. Due to his Inkomancy, his tattoos are constantly changing and evolving. He even uses it to alter his eye color, when needed.

Skills (Spend 10 points among any number of skills, to a maximum of 5 per skill. The skills can be anything. Please have a minimum of three skills.)

Inkomancy: 4 (Tattooing, artistry, throwing ink like a boss)
Mind like a steel trap: 3 (Coming up with random trivia, remembering things, keeping people out of his head)
Have you seen my tats?: 2 (Socialization, breaking the ice, getting to know people)
Two Tickets to the gun show: 2 ( brawling, lifting, etc.)


Weapons: (Start with one, +1 item)

  • Brass knuckle switchblades — +1 to Two tickets to the gun show (Regular looking brass knuckles, that can sprout switch blades at the touch of a button)

Equipment: (Same goes here)

  • Ink bottles — +1 to Inkomancy

Keep in mind, you have to be able to apply an item to a situation in order to get the bonus.

Perks (Perks are earned)

Hooks (Hooks are character flaws or weaknesses, essentially the opposite of Perks. Add 1 extra skill point if your character has a Hook. Starting character may take only one Hook.)

  • ADD: -1 penalty to anything requiring concentration, when there's other stuff happening.

Kevin has a talent, a gift, a rare skill. Ink of any kind is his to control, to contain, to etch into peoples body without any pain! Kevin came to the attention of the Foundation, and was their Guinea pig for several years, before being sprung by the Insurgency.
For the past few years he's been helping the CI, mostly with outfitting their agents with new identities, moving tattoos around, changing id cards, that sort of thing. Recently, the Foundation raided his base. In an effort to get away, Kevin stepped into a prototype escape device…and showed up here.

What does your character fear? Needles. He's deathly terrified of them.

What are your character's goals? Number one goal is to get out. Number two goal is to fuck with the Foundation anyway he can.

If your character could be an animal, which one would it be?A rat. A stainless steel rat in the wainscotting of society.

What is your character's dearest wish? To be left alone with his art.

Why is your character here? Mistake

If your character had a tattoo, or another one, what would it be? He already has whatever tattoos he wants

If your character could have any superpower, what would it be? Passing through solid matter

What is your character's greatest weakness? He's got a huge…ego.

What is your character's greatest strength? His talent.

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