Tamlin Artifacts

The Cup of Tamlin: A silver chalice, which grants the owner knowledge of what liquid is inside it, and the ability to alter any liquid inside it to whatever he may want.

The Tools of Tamlin: -2 difficulty to fix or wreck technology. Currently Kept by Atropa in room 391.

Fedora of Tamlin: Enables the wearer to breath in any environment.

Rubber Chicken: In exchange for one health, user can make a target 'Stunned' for two rounds.

Ring:Adds flaming damage to all attacks.

Santas Staff: Capable of granting limited wishes, for other people. One per customer, period.

The Ball: Answers three questions a day.

The Rifle: for one will, can alter what kind of ammo it shoots for a scene. Fire, explosions, poison, acid… but nothing outrageous, like other weapons, or things large then its barrel.

The Key: With the expenditure of a willpower, it can open anything, except the footlockers in the barracks.

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