A page I'm making for myself to keep track of how I'm doing tags.- Jailbait

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Character pages that are duplicates of each other will not be double-counted.

Character pages need three tags: Whether they are old or new, what faction they are, and what type of character they are.

hub — A page that links to lots of other pages.

guide — An OOC page dealing with the details of gameplay, setting, and character creation. Applies to anything on the sidebar, for example.

oldcharpage — Character pages from the old ten-point system. Mutually exclusive with character.

foundation — A character affiliated with the SCP Foundation

goi — A character affiliated with a Group of Interest.

housenative — A character who is neither with the Foundation nor a GOI.

animal — A character who is or can be an animal. Does not apply to monsters, humans/humanoids, etc. Can apply to anthropomorphized animals.

human — A character who is or can be a human. Does not apply to humanoids or anthropomorphized animals.

humanoid — Character is basically human-shaped. Mutually exclusive with human and entity, but not animal.

artifact — Character possess one of the Tamlin Artifacts.

entity — Character doesn't really qualify as anything approaching the mundane.

ghost — Character is a House Ghost.

personal — Someone made this page for primarily personal usage.

retired — Character is perma-dead, or has been officially retired in-character.

reincarnation — Part of Scan's reincarnation cycle.

I left off before I could get to Kevin Blayn- Jailbait

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