Sir Alastair Churchill

Name: Sir Alastair Churchill
Concept: A member of Delta-5 and the British SOE during WWII
Faction: Foundation
Physical Health: 7
Mental Health: 7


Combat Training: 4 (firearms, running, dodging, fighting of all forms)
Secret Agent: 3 (disguise, stealth, interrogation, womanizing)
Brawler 4 (punching, kicking, knives, broken glass bottles)


  • Welrod 9mm — +1 to Combat Training


  • Trench Coat — +1 to Secret Agent

Perks (Perks are earned)


  • Paranoia: -1 penalty to any rolls that involve working with people of Axis nationalities.

History A loyal foundation member since the age of 25, he was transferred at 29, in 1938, to the MTF Delta-5. When war erupted across Europe, the Foundation realized the importance of having operatives in the SOE to help stop Nazi paranormal research with SCP's.

Progress with SCP's was slow, but a string of excellent infiltrations, assassinations, and double-agent turning's across the Nazi regime led to him being a favorite agent. In 1944, the SOE received tips of an artifact retrieved by the third reich that had caused several researchers to disappear. Alastair accepted the mission due to possible SCP activity. However, he was forced to destroy versus secure the SCP, as the Nazi's were aware of his presence beforehand. He
used 1/2 pound of Nobel 808 explosive to destroy the object, but unknown temporal properties of the object resulted in his waking up under a bed in the barracks.

His undercover experiences led to a very closed-in personality. He tends to be silent when he can.

What does your character fear?
Wide open spaces. He prefers the cities and bunkers where his honed skills can be of use.

What are your character's goals?
To discover what happened to the Nazi artifact he hopes he destroyed.

If your character could be an animal, which one would it be?
An octopus. the ink spray and color shifting ability would be invaluable in his line of work.

What is your character's dearest wish?
A new Fairburn-Sykes knife, a cigar, and a good bottle of brandy.

Why is your character here?
Destruction (he hopes) of a possible SCP in 1944.

If your character had a tattoo, or another one, what would it be?
A SOE tattoo, but his line of work precluded such a thing.

If your character could have any superpower, what would it be?
Invisibility. The power to be undetected anywhere appeals greatly to him.

What is your character's greatest weakness?
Years of work in the SOE and the Foundation have left him paranoid and untrusting.

What is your character's greatest strength?
Years of undercover operations have given him excellent shooting and knife skills.

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