The following NPCs are well known in the House. The information about them can be considered public knowledge.

It should be noted there are always a handful of NPCs in any of the common rooms, doing regular things.

Tamlin: Dr. Joe Tamlin, Yosef Bin Tamlin, Johsua bin Yosef, the man who runs the House has acknowledged many names. As near as any can figure out, he first appears over two thousand years ago, in the deserts of the middle east. He rose to prominences as leader of a great clan… and then dispersed them to the four corners of the earth, when he assumed control of the House. He is a tall man, and thin, his skin pale and freckled, his hair a bright, natural red. Dark green eyes stare out of a surprisingly innocent face. Despite his age, he appears youthful. He is most often seen dressed in Arabian garb. Those who have talked to him say he often seems confused, as if he is replying to things at a different time. There is a rumor that Tamlin has offered a one off rescue to everyone who explores his House. If you do something stupid, and get in deep trouble, you can call out to him, and, if he is listening, he may give you a pass.

Bernard: Another redhead, in the Tamlin House? Shocking! Bernard, no last name given, is an older man, in his early fifties, his red hair started to go gray at his temples. He runs a small bar in the Common Rooms. He is generally friendly, and willing to offer advice to explorers who do not piss him off.

The Janitor: An elderly asian man in a gray robe with a straw broom, who is often seen cleaning up after Explorers. He is often grumpy, and claims to be the only one cleaning the entire House.

The Blight: On a world the House connects to, some people did something very stupid. And they did it with SCPs. Now, an entire world is encompassed with one single hive mind, seeking to expand its hold on the multiverse. Humans infected by the blight have entered the House, seeking more members. The Blight can be recognized by its glowing red eyes. It eagerly attempts to sway anyone it meets into joining it, but some claim it can be reasoned with, bargained with, in order to gain information.

Overman: A portion of the House has come under the control of the mysterious figure known only as Overman, and his horde of well controlled zombies. None have ever talked to him face to face, only through devices attached to his minions. The Overman claims to have been exiled from his world by 'simple minded fools' who could not 'understand the big picture here!' He is apparently attempting to build technology that will allow him to flee the House, and take over his home world.

Old Aggie: The children who make it into the House tell tales of the shadowy being known as Old Aggie, who protects the young with a fierce determination from the horrors of the House. Shrines to Old Aggie pop up in the strangest places, made from whatever a child may have loved. Helping out the young ones is a sure way to get her on your good side.

The Embodiments: In the House, several rooms are devoted to beings known as Embodiments, or Entities. These (usually) humanoids embody such concepts as Time, Fate, Nature, Horror, Medicine and more. Each Embodiment holds an Artifact of Tamlin, that they might be convinced to give up, should the need arise.

Security: A dozen or so agents from various Foundations and GOI have taken it upon themselves to act as Security over the Common Rooms. While they prefer to let people handle their own messes, anyone actively causing trouble can expect a quick trip to the dungeons.

moc.tonky|yaJyaJ#moc.tonky|yaJyaJ: A promiscuous and moral free girl from several years to the future. She generally dresses in in whatever shows off her body, leaving nothing to the imagination. She talks like a sailor, but is always happy.

Simon Argent: A researcher from the 3d Foundation (Delay, Detain, Destroy) who appears to be quite curious about the possibility of an army taking the House.

Mike B.: Head of Security. An older man, grey haired, uses his Tamlin aritfact to stop people from breaking the rules.

Elle "Agent L" Lacoy: House Ghost and Security Grunt. 5'4 but about as strong as an ogre. Little tolerance for bullshit.

Lucifer: An Angel of Death, who ponders why his God demands him to do what he does.

Bob the Necromancer: A skeleton pimp, who seems to be trying to gain control of the House. has gained control of the House, for now.

Buttersquirrels: Squirrels with big butterfly wings and mildly venomous fangs. They followed a group of explorers into the common rooms from the House, and now there are about six nesting in the Main Hall. They are scavengers and prefer to eat discarded rubbish.

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