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The following document was found on the corpse of a middle age man that was discovered at the bottom of staircase B-7 in Site 19. Recordings show this corpse in place for approximately one week before discovery, despite several site members walking past the corpse in that time. Site Director Janus has asked me to annotate this document, due to my personal knowledge of many of the events. -Personnel Director Jack Bright

Item #: You can call me SCP-XXXX.1

Object Class: While I personally feel Safe, I'm sure you'd think I was Keter.2

Special Containment Procedures: You'd like that, wouldn't you? A nice, concise little paragraph telling you all about how to contain me, how to keep me from getting out. It would be nice. Sadly, by the time any of you get to read this, there will no longer be any need for containment.

However, should you run into any like me again, well, I don't see the harm in helping. The key is to get them young. By the time one reaches my age, they'd be too powerful to control, or even notice. So, find them young. Look for odd coincidences. Spikes in birth rates amongst non sexually active teenage girls. Deaths that don't make sense. A string of robberies or vandalisms that no one wants to press charges on. Typical signs of a reality bender. If it's one of those, you know what to do. If it's one of me, well, my personal suggestion is you nuke the city from orbit, just to make sure. But you won't do that.

So send a D in. Give them all the recording equipment you can. Make them think they're an agent. Have multiple people listening to the recording, across the world. If you're lucky, one of them will hear when someone tells the D that everything is all right. There aren't any problems to report. That's when you blow up your D with the c-4 you have strapped to his chest. It's the only way to be sure.

Now, some of you will want to capture it, study it, make it your bitch, like you do. That's not going to work here. Even if you capture it, eventually, it will get stronger. And no one will notice. Like no one ever noticed me.
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