The Rules

Brief rules: This system uses d10 dice. When rolling, you will be asked to roll a number of d10's equal to the sum of an attribute and an ability. If a character has zero points in the relevant ability, only the attribute is rolled.

All tasks have a difficulty set by the GM, usually 6. Each roll at or above the difficulty is a success. The more successes rolled, the more successful the attempt is. However, each 1 rolled cancels out one roll that would otherwise count as a success. For example, if [8, 7, 4, 1] was rolled on a difficulty of 6, there would only be one success. An attempt in which more 1's are rolled than successes is a "botch"; this indicates that the character has failed and made something horrible happen.

You may choose a specialty on any attribute or ability that your character has four or more points in for the cost of one freebie point or two experience points, respectively. If the specialty would apply to any given attempt, you may roll an additional d10 for each 10 you rolled. Specialties must be specific. 'Knife fighting' is an okay specialization. 'My Father's Sword' is better. 'Bladed weapons' is horrible.

Nature/Demeanor: Nature and demeanor can be any words that accurately describe your character. The Nature is who and what your character IS, while your demeanor is what you show people. These concepts have little game rule use, but are good for reference. Samples Nature/Demeanor: Caregiver, Judge, Loner, Bravo, Fool, Lover, etc.

Concept: A couple of words summing up your character. The last Researcher, Guitarist for the devil, Bat Man of Poughkeepsie.

Faction: Foundation, GOI, or House Native. House Native is the category your character goes into if they are with neither the Foundation nor a GOI, regardless of whether they are actually "native" to the House.

Willpower: Willpower is a measure of how strong you are mentally. You have two stats: Permanent Willpower, and temporary Willpower. Your temporary willpower is equal to your permanent Willpower, but goes down as you spend it. Your permanent Willpower does not go down unless something horrible happens. Foundation Agents start with a Willpower of seven, House Natives Start with a willpower of 4, and GOI start at 5. Permanent willpower is capped at 10. In addition to enabling the use of powers, temporary willpower can be used to add automatic successes to any roll not related to combat. Keep in mind, these successes can still be canceled out if you roll 1s.

Attributes: You must choose which of your attribute categories (physical, social or mental) to be your primary, secondary, and tertiary. Your primary attribute gets seven points, your secondary gets five points, and your tertiary gets three points. You start off with one free point in each attribute. Each of your attributes is at one BEFORE you spend your points in them. (So, you start with Strength 1. If you choose Physical as your primary, you can boost up to Strength 4 and still have four points to spend in Dexterity and Stamina.) Attributes can be no higher than five at character creation, without the use of Powers.

Abilities: You must choose which of your ability categories (talents, skills, knowledges) to be your primary, secondary, and tertiary. Your primary ability gets thirteen points, your secondary gets nine points, and your tertiary gets seven points.

Perks: Perks are special things about your character that give you a bonus in certain situations. You may take up to 10 points of Perks at character creation by spending Freebie Points on them. More Perks may be added during play by the GM, at no cost to you. Perks do not stack. If you have multiple Perks that affect the same roll, only the highest counts. it is up to you to note if you have a Perk that affects a situation.

Hooks: Hooks are special things about your character that give you negatives in certain situations. You may take up to ten points of Hooks, which add to your Freebie Point total. You may gain more Hooks during play, at GM discretion. You do not gain points for Hooks added during play. If you have multiple Hooks that affect the same roll, they do add together. It is your responsibility to note when a hook affects a situation. If you are found to be ignoring Hooks, they will be removed, and the points will be subtracted from your character at the GMs discretion.

Powers: Some characters have special powers. You can only buy powers with Freebie Points. Please note: Foundation Agents are not allowed to have more than three points of Powers.

Freebie Points: At character creation, you get 21 freebie points, plus whatever points you get from hooks. Freebie points allow you to buy extra things for your character sheet at the following rate:
Attribute: Seven points per level.
Abilities: Cost equals new level of ability. 1 for the first point, 2 for the second, and so on.
Perks: Cost of the Perk, up to 10.
Powers: Cost of the Power.
Willpower: Four points per point of willpower.
Mental Health: Seven points per level.
Physical Health: Seven points per level.

Description: What your character looks like.

Background: Tell us about your character. Make sure to let us know how you got in the House.

Character sheet: This is the template for Tamlin House characters. To make your new character page, enter the character's name into the box on the sidebar labelled New Character, and click the button. The template will be in the text box, ready for you to fill in. Creating a character this way, rather than making a new page, also protects your page. Only you and the site admins will be able to edit it, keeping the would be vandals away.

+++ Basics:
* **Player:**
* **Nature:**
* **Demeanor:**
* **Concept:**
* **Faction:**
* **Age:**
* **Sex:**
* **Willpower:**
* **Physical Health:** 7
* **Mental Health:** 7

+++ Attributes:

||~ Physical ||~  ||~ Mental ||~  ||~ Social ||~  ||
||= Strength ||= 1 ||= Perception ||= 1 ||= Charisma ||= 1 ||
||= Dexterity ||= 1 ||= Intelligence ||= 1 ||= Manipulation ||= 1||
||= Stamina ||= 1 ||= Wits ||= 1 || Appearance ||= 1 ||

+++ Abilities:

||~ Talents ||~  ||~ Skills ||~  ||~ Knowledges ||~  ||
||= Alertness ||=  ||= Animal Ken ||=  ||= Computer ||=  ||
||= Athletics ||=  ||= Crafts ||=  ||= Enigma ||=  ||
||= Brawl ||=  ||= Technology ||=  ||= Investigation ||=  ||
||= Dodge ||=  ||= Etiquette ||=  ||= Law ||=  ||
||= Empathy ||=  ||= Firearms ||=  ||= Linguistics ||=  ||
||= Expression ||=  ||= Melee ||=  ||= Medicine ||=  ||
||= Intimidation ||=  ||= Performance ||=  ||= Occult ||=  ||
||= Leadership ||=  ||= Repair ||=  ||= Politics ||=  ||
||= Streetwise ||=  ||= Stealth ||=  ||= SCPs ||=  ||
||= Subterfuge ||=  ||= Survival ||=  ||= Science ||=  ||

+++ Perks:

+++ Hooks:

+++ Powers:

+++ Description:

+++ Background:

+++ Total Freebie Points: 21 + __ Hooks = __

+++ How I Spent My Freebie Points:

Foundation Characters
Calloway Black
Django Bridge
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GOI Characters
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Sean York

House Natives
Steven Baker
The Brass Soldier
Colubrine Brown
Casimir Fantem
Celeste the Skeleton Girl
David Bruce Dead
Admiral Charles Windsur
Draco Kotas
Eliza Comstock
Finella Fletcher
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Captain Positronium
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Sage Russell, GSS
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