Murphy Brendan

Name: Murphy Brendan
Concept: Recently Employed Graduate Student
Faction: Foundation
Physical Health: 7
Mental Health: 7

Skills (Spend 10 points among any number of skills, to a maximum of 5 per skill. The skills can be anything. Please have a minimum of three skills.)

Scientist: 4 (General Scientific Method approach and research, specific focus in social psychology)

Judo: 3 (competes in Judo tournaments and studies regularly, brown belt)

Computers: 2 (Knows his way around the usual 3 OS's – windows, mac, foundation)

Firearms: 2 (Elective study in Foundation firearms training courses, regular practice)


* Para Ordnance P13.45 — +1 to Firearms

* Foundation issue Netbook — +1 to Scientist

Perks (Perks are earned)


  • Induced Migraines: -1 to next 5 rolls should Brendan be exposed to a migraine 'trigger'. Known triggers – sustained exposure to bright light (mitigated by sunglasses), sustained exposure to high frequency sound (starting at upper limits of human hearing and going beyond). For the purposes of these triggers, sustained is defined as 'in excess of sixty seconds.'


Murphy Brendan is a summa cum laude graduate of Loyola University of Chicago's Social Psychology graduate program. His thesis on the unexplained breakdown of emergent order theory in certain areas was flagged to Foundation attention when it became clear the locations of his study were known to be related to SCP and Anomalous effects. Brendan was recruited as an assistant researcher shortly after. Now 26 years old and in Foundation service for 4 years, he recently applied to the Ethics Committee – the application was still pending when he was exposed to the Tamlin House videogame before it was contained. He entered into the Site shortly thereafter, per the usual route.

What does your character fear?

Being forced to compromise his ethical standards. His ethical code is strongly aligned to the prevention of abuses, but he wonders deeply if his duties will lead him to accept 'lapses' for the sake of expediency. The thought keeps him up at nights.

What are your character's goals?

Short-term - “Get home.” Long-term – Join the Foundation Ethics Committee and hold the Foundation's workers to the absolute best standards possible.

If your character could be an animal, which one would it be?
German Shepherd – friendly, energetic, dependable, dangerous when provoked.

What is your character's dearest wish?
To always do what is right when faced with a moral test.

Why is your character here?
That Fucking Game!

If your character had a tattoo, or another one, what would it be?
The Secular Humanist logo, on his shoulder.

If your character could have any superpower, what would it be?
Hyper Intellect.

What is your character's greatest weakness?
A drastic lack of experience with the real world, coupled with a crippling fear that he's simply 'wearing' his morals rather than being made of them.

What is your character's greatest strength?
The ability to observe and listen -before- making a judgment.

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