Leonard O'Hara

Name: Leonard O'Hara
Concept: Engineer/Ex-Soldier
Faction: House Native
Physical Health: 7
Mental Health: 7


Engineer Training: 4 (mechanical and robotic repair, machine design, machine fabrication)
Combat Training: 4 (unarmed, armed, and firearm training, as well as tactical training)
Keeping Fit: 3 (running, jumping, lifting, and throwing)



  • Antique 36 in. Pipe Wrench — +1 to Combat Training (unarmed)


  • Engineer's Tool Belt — +1 to Engineer Training



  • Bad Bad War Memories: -2 penalty for any actions occurring right after a gunshot or loud explosion.


O'Hara stands at about 6 feet and is quite fit. He is around 29 years old, with short brown hair and blue eyes. His right shoulder and most of his bicep have been replaced by a mechanical prosthetic, though the lower part of his arm is still intact. He has massive scarring on the right side of his back and chest, as well as on his right forearm, from the grenade that took out his shoulder. He has tattoos reading the I.D. number A-019-002-011 on the outside of both forearms, both calves, his chest, and on the back of his head, beneath his hair. When he was suddenly teleported to the Tamlin House, he was wearing an oil-stained white tank top and equally dirty blue jeans. He had been working on his grandfather's antique 1962 truck and was examining an old 36 inch pipe wrench he'd found in it, which was also transported with him.


O'Hara was born in 2019 in the state of New Mexico. He had graduated from school and was an experienced and educated mechanic by 2039. One year later, the World War of 2040 started, and O'Hara was one of the first to be drafted. He spent three years stationed in Morocco, where he saw little combat. As he drew near his last year, he was suddenly chosen to be moved to Russia to defend against an unexpected attack. O'Hara wasn't in combat for very long when he was hit by a friendly grenade. The blast destroyed his entire right shoulder and severed the arm. Luckily, his arm was found and a robotic shoulder was built to reattach it. The war ended in 2044.
Now, in 2048, O'Hara has earned an advanced degree in engineering and lives in New Mexico with his wife Emilia. They are expecting a son, to be named Roman, after Emilia's deceased brother and O'Hara's old army friend. He has never been happier in his life, but all joy is lost when he mysteriously wakes up in the Tamlin House and is unable to leave.

What does your character fear? Never getting to meet his son.

What are your character's goals? Now, he wants to get home. Before he ended up in the House, he just wanted to have a slow, unexciting life and to raise a good son.

If your character could be an animal, which one would it be? Black bear. He has always respected this now dying breed.

What is your character's dearest wish? To make it back home and see his wife and to see his son born.

Why is your character here? He doesn't know. In fact, he questions if it's even real. The war was hard on his mind.

If your character had a tattoo, or another one, what would it be? He has a tattooed identification number on all of his limbs (A-019-002-011), a product of his time in the military. If he had a personal tattoo, it be his wife's and son's names over his heart.

If your character could have any superpower, what would it be? He read X-Men a lot as a kid. He always wanted to be Nightcrawler (but without the blue skin).

What is your character's greatest weakness? Sometimes his memories of the war get to him, causing him to breakdown at times.

What is your character's greatest strength? When he spots his goal, nothing can stop him from getting there. He'll die before he ever considers giving up.

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