Jay Guinne

Name: Jay Guinne
Concept: Manufacuring plant Employee
Faction: House Native
Physical Health: 7
Mental Health: 7

Factory Employee: 4 (Lifting heavy objects, most types of heavy machinery and lifting devices, mig and stick welding, uses of personal protective equipment for factory settings, safety procedures for manufacturing, basic metallurgy, uses of compressed air and power tools, ergonomic lifting and body mechanics, smacking things with something heavy)
High School Athlete: 3 (American Football, Baseball, Track and Field and Basketball, knowledge of others)
Average guy: 3 (Knowledge of normal everyday stuff a guy would do, drinking beer, building or fixing household thing, making up excuses for not doing things, playing video games, being moderately funny in social situations, being kind of a dick sometimes, not really paying attention to anything, comic books and role playing games)



  • Crowbar — +1 to Factory Employee


  • Leatherman Utility tool — +1 to Factory Employee



History Jay was a normal guy. Played sports in school and got decent grades. Jumped right into the workforce after school and did well. Jay loves his family and is well liked by most of his friends. Nothing really sticks out to make him anymore special than anyone else.

What does your character fear? Heights. Ladders, roller coasters or even standing on the roof of a one story house. The higher up the more uncomfortable he is.

What are your character's goals? Survival pure and simple. He doesn't want to die in a place like this. PLus he wants to pick up his last paycheck.

If your character could be an animal, which one would it be? Black Lab. Sitting somewhere in someone's living room getting his belly scratched right now.

What is your character's dearest wish? To get out of The Tamlin house and go to college. If he'd gone to college he would never have been on that damn crane.

Why is your character here?Jay was forced to perform repairs on a crane at work one day. While leaning over the rail to repair a broken festoon he slipped. Dangling 40 feet above a kettle filled with molten zinc was exactly where he didn't want to be. Unable to hold out for help any longer his grip gave out and he fell. Waking up some time later in Tamlin house oddly enough alive but without any body hair.

If your character had a tattoo, or another one, what would it be? Celtic knot covering his back.

If your character could have any superpower, what would it be? Total Damage absorption.

What is your character's greatest weakness? While being totally capable of greatness, he doesn't aspire to it. He just does what he can and that's good enough for him.

What is your character's greatest strength? He has a firm belief in what is right and wrong. He will do what's right because he knows it's what should be done.

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