Jackie Walkerton & Roberto

Name: Jacqueline "Jackie" Walkerton & Roberto
Concept: Telepathic Veterinarian & One Smart Dog
Faction: Native
Physical Health: 7/7 (3/3 for Roberto)
Mental Health: 7/7 (3/3 for Roberto)
XP: 0


Veterinarian: 5 (4 if treating humans) (skilled at both triage and maintenance healthcare for a wide variety of human-associated animals (pets, livestock, etc.) as well as lesser skills for humans or more exotic animals)

Telepathic: 3 (able to communicate with & influence non-human animals, able to mind-speak w/ humans, but not mind-control (against the people of her homeland, anyway, hasn't tried these people yet). has learned that she can read memories and do some very limited psychic surgery on the people here, if they invite her in and are active participants. communication is entirely voluntary on both sides. Can detect unshielded mental presences even if she can't otherwise see/hear/etc. Weakens over distance, effective range of about 10-30 meters, depending on how tired she is or how much spatial fuckery the House is going through)

Roberto: 3 (2 y/o male border collie/Doberman pinscher mix. Intelligent as an average human (equivalent to IQ 95-100) due to telepathic link to Jackie. Unlike the range limitations of Jackie's "regular" telepathy, they can communicate over an indefinite range. If the link was broken, he would still be a very intelligent example of a crossbreed of two very intelligent breeds. Otherwise physically normal & in excellent health. Fiercely protective of & loyal to Jackie. Frequently sarcastic.)


  • Weapons
    • Cudgel — +1 to melee combat (allows use of 1 die, even though she doesn't otherwise have any combat skills) (she picked this up in one of the rooms in the House while exploring and it doesn't appear to be abnormal in any way)
  • Equipment
    • Well-stocked Medical Bag — +1 to Veterinarian (for some reason, the footlocker gives her refills for this in addition to her rations)
    • A spliff of the good weed.
    • A milk-bone from Cerberus.
    • one of the Rubies of Arius
    • Atlantean(?) book
    • bag of… Tamlin Popcorn?
    • cans of spray paint: camo, forest, tartan, underwater, space, radioactive, swimsuit



  • Things man was not meant to know: Due to opening the wrong door, when Jackie botches on a mental roll, she will broadcast the images she saw behind that door to any minds present, as a mental attack.
  • Life's Seed: Something is growing inside Jackie.

Current Physical Description

Jackie is 5'6" and of an average build. She packs a lot of muscle onto her frame though, which is useful when trying to wrangle a scared and hurting horse or cow. She has shoulder-length dark brown, almost black hair, and has brown eyes with green flecks. She doesn't have any tattoos, but does have multiple ear piercings and a nose stud in her left nostril. She rarely wore makeup even before she came to Tamlin House, and hasn't had access to any since she's been here. She's of average appearance, in a "girl next door" kind of way, neither especially ugly nor especially beautiful.

Roberto is a border collie/Doberman pinscher mix. His coloration is mostly black, with a mixed tan & white streak running from his muzzle over his head to his neck. His coat is short & rough. He stands 2' tall at the shoulders. Even people who don't know about his intelligence describe him as having expressive, intelligent eyes.


Jackie Walkerton and Roberto are from a reality where all humans are mildly telepathic. Not enough to supplant verbal communication, more like another form of body language. Jackie's telepathy is slightly stronger than most people's, but is focussed mostly on animals. This affinity for animals eventually led her to become a veterinarian, at which she greatly succeeded, since she could communicate directly with the animals to find out what was wrong with them.

Most animals are, frankly, stupid and communicate on a very simple, emotional level. Only animals that have been around humans for a long time use words, and even those tend to be simple statements ("hurt", "want", "love", "hungry", etc.). However, a couple of years ago, someone brought a badly injured puppy into Jackie's clinic. It had been found by the side of a road, apparently having been hit by a vehicle, and was barely clinging to life. Jackie took care of it and slowly nursed it back to health, eventually deciding to keep him as her own pet/clinic mascot. To her surprise, as Roberto matured, he developed a much higher degree of intelligence and communicative ability than any other animal she'd ever seen.

Roberto eventually matured into the fine canine specimen that he is today, and he and Jackie are extremely good friends. Roberto is extremely protective of Jackie and is willing to kill or die for her, if needed, although he'll try to find a way to avoid that if possible.

Jackie's clinic mainly deals with pets (even the exotic ones), although she has occasionally been hired by the local zoo to help treat some of the larger animals (elephants, tigers, etc.) when they were experiencing unusual symptoms and the zoo's vets wanted to hear the animal itself describe what it was feeling.

Time is sometimes difficult to track within Tamlin House, but Jackie & Roberto think it was about a month ago that they entered the House. Jackie had received a phone call late at night, with someone reporting that their horse had stumbled and broken its leg when the rider was currying it after a ride. Jackie packed her kit and she and Roberto went out to the location specified, a small private estate with its own stables and riding trail. They didn't see anyone when they got there, and when they entered the stables, a trap door suddenly opened under them. They rolled down a steep incline that ended in a roughly-dug, dirt-walled room about 20 feet below ground. Both of them were bruised, but neither was badly hurt. Jackie used the flashlight she'd brought to explore the room, whereupon they found a long twisty passage that eventually led them to the dock of the House. The passageway had closed behind them, so they decided to press on to the House itself, and they've been here since.

Jackie is moderately disturbed by most of the people in the House, since their lack of telepathy cuts off one of the subconscious methods of communication that she's used to (as if you were confronted with someone whose body language is completely absent or indecipherable). She's been accepted among the "expats" as their unofficial physician, since most of the "natives" are somewhat leery about going to the Foundation or any of the GOIs for medical help. She doesn't mind treating them (for the most part), but both she and Roberto dearly want to go home. In the meantime, she's going to survive, and Roberto's going to protect her.

Jackie's been in the minds of too many animals to want to be one, but if forced to choose, she would rather become a dog, so she could better relate to Roberto. She's not interested in him in any kind of sexual way (nor he in her), but if she had to change, she'd rather be in a pack than not. Similarly, Roberto deeply enjoys his life (up until Tamlin House, anyway), and is absolutely fine with being a dog, but if forced to become another kind of animal, would prefer to become human.

Jackie's greatest fear is to become like the other people in Tamlin House, and lose her telepathy. She can't stand the thought of losing that connection to people and animals, of being alone in her own head forever. Roberto also fears this, and more generally, fears losing his intelligence should the telepathic link between him and Jackie break.

If Jackie could pick any superpower to have (telepathy doesn't count, since everyone has that where she's from), she would pick either invulnerability or teleportation, she can't decide which. Roberto would pick whatever Jackie does, but if he got to choose first, would prefer invulnerability over teleportation.

Roberto's greatest weakness is that he's, well, a dog. He can't speak, he has difficulty getting people to listen to him (even if they know how intelligent he is, he's still "just a dog"), and although he's in good shape, he's no stronger or tougher than a regular dog would be. His strength is his intelligence. He can fully understand any language Jackie can (the link lets him "piggyback" on the language centers of her brain), and can read, albeit slowly (focusing up close is a little difficult for him to sustain for significant periods of time). He's got an intuition about people (that many pets do) and is smart enough to usually be able to articulate what it is about that person that makes him like/dislike them.

Jackie is skittish around the people in the House and frankly, would prefer to isolate herself from them if they didn't need her or represent the best way for her & Roberto to get home. She's discovered a mild xenophobic streak that she either didn't realize she had before, or actually didn't have before being confronted with all these strange, unnerving people. She's a professional, though, and does her best to not let it show. Her greatest strength is her compassion; she hates seeing an animal sick or hurt and will do what she can to help them (so long as it's not foolhardy or excessively dangerous, of course).

Player Notes

Jackie's views on the other characters:

  • Gets along w/ & likes both Layla & James, but finds their constant bickering exasperating. Trying to get them to just get over it already. :-P
  • Strongly dislikes/hates Lin, since she attacked Roberto w/o provocation and is generally a greedy, grasping, heartless bitch
  • Finds Atropa intriguing, and would like to interact w/ her more. Likes the general tranquility of her mindscape.
  • Is discomfitted by Green's… lack of skill w/ women, but feels slightly sorry for him based on what she's seen in his mind. Wouldn't mind being just friends with him, but is slightly embarrassed that he thought they were going out on a date.
  • Feels embarrassed, ashamed and guilty about her nightmare hallucinations that she caused in James, Layla, Ethan and Sven.
  • She's not sure how she feels about Tyke/Typhon. On one hand, he's almost hopelessly naive about the modern world (understandably) and it's amusing seeing his reaction to same. On the other hand, he's a monstrosity out of myth and occasionally shows how much his interests diverge from and are a threat to that of humanity (furies, anyone?). Tries to be polite to him. Slightly scared of him.
  • Sven's fire demon things feel weird. Not unpleasant, just strange. Sven is… overeager about a lot of things, but doesn't seem actively malicious. Sorta kinda tricked Sven into thinking she has complete mastery over his mind if she so chooses. Not true, but it let her manipulate some of his memories a little easier so she could get stuff done. Still feeling kinda numb about the 'Mitch' thing, so doesn't really care about tricking Sven. Not yet, anyway.
  • Eugene has a weird mind, but no other opinion, really.
  • Either hasn't met or hasn't significantly interacted with any of the other PCs and has no opinion about them.
  • Thinks JayJay is fun, but weird. Never going to join in on her "games", but JayJay is just so full of pure joy in the moment that Jackie can't help but like her.
  • Trinity is suddenly much more interesting now that Jackie knows she's Tamlin's sister. Jackie is going to try to get as much info out of her that she can. No or minimal telepathy, though. Gods only know what sort of defenses Tamlin's sister would have.

Roberto's views on other characters:

  • Worried about Jackie. The meeting with that "Mitch" guy seems to have torn something out of her and Roberto can feel the aching pain/numbness radiating from her. Increasingly pissed at Jackie for her despondency and essential suicide attempt when trying to negotiate with Arius.
  • Indifferent about Layla. Seems nice enough, but eh.
  • Likes James and thinks that he's generally an okay guy. Likes spending time with him. If only James would realize/admit that Roberto is as smart as he is…
  • Thinks Atropa smells dangerous, but acts nice. Give her a wide berth.
  • Loathes Lin. If the opportunity presents itself, will try to hurt her in such a way as can't be traced back to Roberto or Jackie. Smells like chemicals
  • Thinks Green is a creeper and better stay away from Jackie.
  • Tyke is weird and does that shape-changing stuff, but doesn't scare Roberto. It'd be a bad idea to tussle with him, but live and let live. Smells like old dirt, reptiles and ozone.
  • Not sure what he thinks about Candy. She's got the serious cray-cray when she's around people, but settles down a lot with Roberto. Seems kinda… sad. Almost pitiable.
  • JayJay gives really good belly and head scratches. Better leave when she starts getting "that look" in her eye, though. Smells horny. Always.
  • No real opinion about any of the other PCs. Either hasn't met them, or hasn't interacted enough to form an opinion.
  • Met a modern version of Cerberus and was impressed and moderately awed by it/them. Not in a hurry to meet it/them again, but is going to keep the doggie treat it/they gave him set aside as a token of honor

Roberto won't admit it to Jackie, but sometimes he goes off exploring without her. He's found a more or less stable path to the Rabbit Room and enjoys chasing them. After some initial awkwardness, the rabbits realized that he was just playing and wasn't actually going to hurt them, and they've turned it into a game/competition. See which rabbit can outrun Roberto the longest, whether they can "ambush" Roberto by jumping on his head or back before he can stop them, etc. Roberto thinks it's fun, and finds their commentary/jokes both dumb and hilarious at the same time.

Jackie has telepathically talked w/ Layla (feather brush on the back of the neck), James (heat in the middle of his forehead), Green (something rubbing against his ear), Atropa (tastes orange-yellow light on the top of her head), Ethan (unknown "knock", was unconscious at the time), Sven (ice cube down his back). Has entered mindscape of Atropa, Green, Ethan, Sven. Has done memory analysis/work on James, Atropa, Sven & Green. Has read the surface mind of w/ teletalking w/ Eugene. Gave telepathic hallucinations to Layla (bedsheets), James (headspace), Sven (hangover), Ethan (echoes). Has threatened to strip Lin's mind down to lizard instincts if need be, and actually is thinking about exactly how to do that.

Recently got contacted by some other telepath while doing some mind-work with Ethan. Doesn't know who they are, but their messages were weird, like they weren't really aware they were broadcasting.

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