Name: Ilmarinson
Concept: Impossible Craftsman's Apprentice
Faction: House Native
Physical Health: 7
Mental Health: 7

Skills (Spend 10 points among any number of skills, to a maximum of 5 per skill. The skills can be anything. Please have a minimum of three skills.)

A Universe Wrought in Souls and Bronze: 5
Known to the House: 3
Craftsman's Acuity: 3


Weapons: (Start with one, +1 item)
* Craftsman's Tools — +1 to The Universe in Souls and Bronze

Equipment: (Same goes here)
* Sigil of the Smith — +1 to Known to the House


* Easily Frustrated: -1 penalty to the next 3 rolls anytime a 'Universe Wrought In Souls and Bronze' attempt to repair something fails.

History (Write a short blurb reminding us who your character is and how they got here.)

Ilmarinson (or Marin, as he prefers to be called), does not remember much of his very early youth. As far back as he can remember, he has been wandering the House with his master, performing esoteric and arcane repairs to the limitless fixtures, rooms, and entities of the House. Traversing beyond the Thousand Rooms, he learned all manner and method to survive the unforgiving madness the house wreaks on its inhabitants- that is, until recently, when Room 67611 claimed the life of his master, fixing a catastrophic failure of the room that Marin was far too unprepared to understand.

What Marin does not know is this: his master's death saved a wing of the House from dissolution, annihilation, and eventual recreation, and that his soul has been reclaimed by the House. He also does not know that this is not the first time such an event has happened, nor will it be the last - the House has selected a few hundred souls for the Craftsman's task, and it recycles them as need be. Marin's soul, as have all his kind, been through countless incarnations, and will continue to reincarnate until the end of the House or of Time itself.

What does your character fear?

Extended periods of solitude. Craftsmen travel in a master-apprentice pair, or even in small groups.

What are your character's goals?

To perform a task 'of great service to the Line of Tamlin', thus earning him the rank of Master Craftsman.

If your character could be an animal, which one would it be?

A monkey - clever, agile, and quick.

What is your character's dearest wish?

To be granted his own domain within the House, a feat reserved for craftsmen so old and revered they have disappeared into myth.

Why is your character here?

He was born here. He was made to be here.

If your character had a tattoo, or another one, what would it be?

The SCP containment shell with a five-pointed star within it. The full symbol of Tamlin would be presumptive of a place beyond one's station.

If your character could have any superpower, what would it be?

Perfect comprehension of anything he touched.

What is your character's greatest weakness?

Over-confidence in his own abilities.

What is your character's greatest strength?

An understanding of the dangers and opportunities presented by the House.

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