I.O. Agent Ian Beard

Name: Ian Beard
Concept: Loyal Intelligence Operative
Faction: Foundation
Physical Health: 7
Mental Health: 7


Field Agent: 3 (proficiency w/ "normal" firearms, basic martial arts & athletic skills and knowledge of Foundation protocols)

Intelligence Operative: 5 (interview/interrogation skills; unfazable (personally experienced at dealing w/ unfamiliar objects/scenarios w/o freaking out); skilled at on-the-scene investigation (forensics and room searchs, for instance); data collation/interpretation (piecing together random bits of rumors, local legends, blurry photos & heavily "normalized" newspaper articles to get a decent idea of whatever the potential object is))

True Believer: 3 (has an unwavering belief in the rightness of a small handful of things and can use them as a lodestone in difficult moral situations or when someone is trying to convince him/make him do something against those beliefs. a Will check, to use AD&D terms. These convictions include: the worthiness of the Foundation's cause (even if he sometimes disagrees with the particular methods); that God exists and watches over him (but doesn't necessarily interfere: "you have to fail to learn"))


  • Weapons
    • Standard Issue Foundation Sidearm — +1 to Field Agent (firefights)
  • Equipment
    • Data Recorder (Foundation issued hardened laptop or iPad equivalent? Relatively long battery-life, would have a way of recharging on-site, if he can get access to it, has onboard storage sufficient to store about 100 hours of video or as many pictures, documents & audio files as needed. Say… 1Tb HD, minimum?) — +1 to Intelligence Operative



  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Ian has a "knack" for landing in unfortunate situations. -1 die to any roll at GM's discretion, no more than once per session (or whatever time frame Bright thinks is reasonable)

Current Physical Description

The best way to describe Ian Beard's appearance is "non-descript". Medium length, sandy-blond hair, hazel eyes, average height, average weight… he's the kind of guy that witnesses would describe as "about": "about 25-40 years old", "about 6 feet tall", "about to shoot me". People tend to overlook him unless he puts himself forward, which is incredibly useful in his line of work. Nothing supernatural about it either, he's just kind of fades into the background.

He has a small but ornate tattoo of a cross on his left pectoral, over his heart. No other tattoos, no piercings, no jewelry.


Ian Beard is in his mid 30s and started working life for a private investigator right out of high school. Over the next couple of years, he honed his skills and became an equal partner in the company. About 7 years ago, he got a case involving a missing person, who it turned out was the victim of an unspecified SCP. He had actually been so successful at tracking down the SCP that when the MTF recovery team encountered him at the capture site, the MTF Chief was so impressed that he passed along Ian's name as a possible recruit (after amnesiac-ing Ian, of course).

Ian was approached a week later by a recruiter for the Foundation and, after thinking it over for a few days, decided to join up. Based on his pre-existing skills & psych profile, he was placed in the Intelligence Operations department right out of training. He quickly integrated into the department, becoming a highly successful field agent, tracking down an above-average number of potential dangers/SCPs.

He's had very little direct contact with the GOIs (that he knows of, anyway), but frequently saw their handiwork secondhand, whether it was the scorched-earth policies of the GOC, the "aggressive acquisition practices" of MC&D, or the plain old weirdness of the Serpent's Hand. Frankly, he finds their methods and missions largely repugnant or mystifying, since it's clearly obvious to him that the Foundation's mission is the best way to safeguard humanity.

He was posted to the House when someone in I.O. decided that they needed an experienced investigator in addition to the cannon fodder D-class and the too-focused researchers. He's not terribly happy with the assignment, especially once he actually entered the House and saw what it was like, but he's not going to complain. His primary duty is to get the job done. And besides, God will protect him.

Ian's main fear is letting someone else die when he could've done something to prevent it. He's mildly irrational about this, and will sometimes find extremely convoluted ways that he "could've saved him/her", even if it was a hopeless situation. His deepest, most secret wish is that he could go back to a normal life, one back before he knew about all the horrors in the world. He almost nevers admits this to himself though, much less anyone else, since someone's got to do this job and he's the one there. Besides, he's good at it.

He's got a small but ornate cross tattooed over his heart, and is/was planning on getting a wolf paw tattoo on his right pectoral. That'll have to wait until (if) he gets out of here. He'll probably use his combat pay differential to pay for it. He'd always felt an affinity for wolves: powerful creatures that protected their pack.

He played the "superpowers" game with other agents occasionally. "What would you want to come out with if you got put into SCP-212? Or if 343 dropped a freebie wish into your lap?" He'd thought about it idly; teleportation, mind control, invisibility… there was a whole wealth of things he could possibly be. He'd eventually settled on phasing. Being able to avoid hits, or to just run through a wall to escape an investigation gone wrong, maybe drag someone with him… sounded perfect.

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