How I would do stats


Physical Mental Social
Strength 1 Intelligence 1 Charisma 1
Dexterity 1 Wits 1 Manipulation 1
Stamina 1 Resolve 1 Composure 1
Poise 1 Perception 1 Appearance 1

Characters get 10 points in their primary attribute category, 7 in their secondary attribute category, and 4 in their tertiary attribute category. As usual, each starts off at 1 and caps at 5. This should discourage min-maxing to some degree.

Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Intelligence, Wits, Perception, Charisma, Manipulation, and Appearance are all nothing new.

  • While Appearance still does not distinguish between whether this is physical attractiveness or general cuteness (like with a child or animal), the player is expected to make it clear which it is, if it's not readily apparent. And be aware that Ugly Cute is a thing.
  • Poise is how precisely a character is able to control their movements. It's distinguished from Dexterity in that you would use the former for athletic challenges that rely mostly on speed, reflexes, or athleticism, including firearms and some applications of Brawl and Melee. Meanwhile, you would use Poise for gymnastics, manual dexterity, balance, and tiptoeing.
  • Resolve is focus and determination, how well you can stay on track and ignore distractions. Willpower is derived from Resolve.
  • Composure is how well you keep your cool in social situations, stay calm in danger, and how dignified you are.

A score of 1 in an attribute is below average. A score of 2 is average. A score of 3 is somewhat above average. A score of 4 is very high and hard to hide. A score of 5 is truly amazing.

Willpower is a stat with a base amount equal to your Resolve, with a +1 bonus for being in a GoI and a +3 bonus for being with the Foundation. It caps at 10, and is otherwise identical to the current system, what with the permanent willpower and the temporary willpower and the oy glaven. This does mean that characters who want to make heavy use of their powers need lots of mental focus. Would you expect anything else?


Physical Mental Social
Alertness Academics Animal Ken
Athletics Linguistics Empathy
Brawl Medicine Etiquette
Firearms Occult Expression
Melee Repair Intimidation
Performance Science Leadership
Survival SCPs Streetwise
Stealth Technology Subterfuge

Characters get 13 points in their primary ability category, 10 in their secondary ability category, and 7 in their tertiary ability category. You can roll skills untrained at +1 difficulty.

Abilities do not always go with the same attribute, and can even cross lines between physical, mental, and social. Examples include Alertness, Performance, Medicine, Repair, and Politics:

  • If you're scanning your surroundings for enemies, that is Perception+Alertness. If you want to notice that the clerk has a wedding ring but no pictures of a husband at her desk, that is Composure+Alertness. The difference is whether it is more of a mental or a social application of how Alert you are.
  • Juggling is Poise+Performance, a dramatic reading would be Charisma+Performance, improv theater is Wits+Performance, and a striptease would be Appearance+Performance. The first is a delicate balancing act, the second relies on your voice and how you interact with the audience, the third requires you to think very fast, and the fourth is dependent on how good-looking you are. They all use Performance because they involve entertaining and holding your audience's attention.
  • Diagnostics and knowing what pills to use is Intelligence+Medical, while doing surgery is Poise+Medical. Questions?
  • Locating what's fucking up some machinery quick is Perception+Repair, while actually doing the repairs is probably Intelligence+Repair if it relies on doing a bunch of things in sequence, while it's Poise+Repair if you need a really steady hand to fix the problem.
  • Understanding the nitty-gritty of politics and what really goes on could be Intelligence+Politics, whereas actual politicking would be Charisma+Politics.


  • Subterfuge is used for both telling and detecting lies.
  • Academics covers law, history, and social sciences. Science covers, well, the harder sciences, such as math, biology, neuroscience, etc.
  • Technology covers both computer usage and other technology applications. Repair is limited to things that involve repair and upkeep.
  • A Linguistics score of 1 is required for bilingualism. A third language requires 3, a score of 4 lets you know four, and a score of 5 is required for anything higher. Linguistics may also be used for breaking encoded messages (provided they're messages containing words) or gathering meaning from an unknown language, or generally picking up on patterns in language.

A score of 0 is average for a skill. A score of 1 indicates incidental knowledge. A score of 2 might be a hobbyist or someone who has picked it up. A score of 3 means you're experienced and consciously know what you're doing. A score of 4 is impressive. A score of 5 is dayumn.

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