Geo the Shark

Name: Geo the Shark (just Geo to strangers) Concept: A quiet agent who claims to be a "spectator." Faction: (House Native) Physical Health: 7 Mental Health: 7 XP:


Knife Fighting: 3
Computer Hacking (or computer skills, whichever): 4
Martial Arts: 4


Weapons: * Butterfly Knife — +1 to Knife Fighting

Equipment: * USB stick — +1 to hacking skills

Perks (Perks are earned)

Hooks * Code of Honor: May not harm a woman or a child. Must try and help any woman or child in danger to the best of his abilities. -2 for 3 turns to all skills if a woman dies in his presence, 4 turns if a child.

The mysterious agent who refers to himself as Geo the Shark claims he was sent to the house by a variety of governments. The specifics seem to change daily and range from America to The Peoples Republic of China to Nintendo. He came to the house as a "spectator" through a disused sewer tunnel somewhere in Arkansas. He wears a gas mask but it doesn't have a filter so it offers no protection. Though he claims to only be gathering information for his corporation of the week, he seems to have his nose in many other fractions buisness. He has a variety of suits. No one knows where they are kept.

Geo acts fearless but he has a deepseated fear of the "director" who supposedly assigned him to the house. No matter who he claims to work for, his fear of a tall man in a smoke colored suit at the head always prevails. Geo also dislikes chinchillas.

Geo has no apparent goal other to catalog information for the director or else "He'll get the gas!" No one is sure what this means.

Geo would be a shark.

Geo wishes he could be free of the director so he could catalog the rooms in house without fear of his mysterious "deadlines."

Geo claims that he's forced to be here and that he wishes to leave but he clearly enjoys writing into a small notebook that never seems to run out of paper about some new horror that just tried to wear his intestines like a necklace.

Geo has a tattoo of a shark on his arm, but his suits cover most of it up. Geo dislikes this but doesn't dare go against the directors dresscode.

Geo's super power would be to communicate with sharks.

Geo has a weakness for macadamia cookies. He once stopped in the middle of firefight because a nearby bakery had fresh cookies in the window.

Geo's greatest strength is affinity for knife fighting. He's fast and precise and can throw his knife straight into a tendon if He's in trouble. So long it isn't a woman or child.

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