For want of a nail, the shoe was lost

"Oy vey, can nothing go right today?"

"Mother? Is everything all right.?"

"The verdammt horse threw a shoe! Go see if you can find it Jack."

"You really shouldn't be riding in your condition mother."

"Five children I've had, and he thinks he can tell me what I should and shouldn't do? My son, the doctor, thinks he knows more than his mother?"

"I'm just trying to be helpful. Ah. The shoe is cracked. You won't be riding anywhere today."

"I guess the council will just have to make it's own decisions, then.

For want of a shoe,

"Congratulations Mrs. Bright, it's a healthy baby girl!"

The horse was lost.

"It's an anomaly Thomas, that's all. You heal a little faster than most. We don't need to report it."

"But Jack-"

"No buts! You are my brother, and I will not see locked away. Keep it secret. Don't even tell Michael."

"I feel it is my duty. Is that not what our family does?"

"It is also your duty to care for your younger sisters. If you get locked up, who is going to care for Claire and Sarah?"

"I suppose you're right. It's really not that big of a deal."

For want of a horse

"Surprise!" "Surprise!" "Surprise!"

"God, damn it you guys- I told you I didn't want a party!"

"Ow, ow, stop, hey, stop it! You hit hard for a-"

"Say for a girl Mike, and I'm kicking you in a place mom doesn't think I know about."

"Hey, Claire, we just want to show you how proud we are of you. Another Bright, in the Foundation."

"And the way it's going, Sarah will be joining us when she gets out of college. Wait… Jack, is that a barrel of your Scotch?"

"Only the best for my little sister."

"Fine. Because I love you, we can celebrate. Not because I love your booze. Now gimme a cup. A toast, boys. To saving the human race!"

The rider was lost

"Agent Bright, report!"

"We're almost done here sir. The cat gave us a little trouble, and there's a handful of holdouts who have kept us from accessing the reference desk, but, in all other respect, the Library is ours.

"Well done Claire! The Director will be sure to promote you for thi-"

"Konnie, look out! The pyro-"



"Kon? Kon, it's okay, I… Oh, god, no, . Oh, Kon. I'm sorry. I… I'm so sorry. Don't worry though. I'll make sure they pay for this. I'll see they all pay."

For want of a rider

"Jack? Jack are you- Oh, thank god. I thought you were a goner!"

"No harm, Gerald. Well. Not a lot of harm. My leg's probably broken, but the wall kept me away from all the fun, it sounded like. What happened?"

"That psycho Abel got loose again."

"Probably because he knew it was the last time. Cowboy has a plan- Wait. Hold on. Where's Clef? He was with me, wanted to show me this medallion they picked up."

"Jack. I'm sorry. Clef, he- He didn't make it. Abel got him. It was… Not pretty."

"He's dead?"

"I'm sorry. There are too many parts for him to have made it. He's dead."

"I believe the rumors of my demise have been greatly exagerated."

"Clef?" "Clef?"

"Gentleman. Holy shit. When did I get tits?"

The battle was lost

"Assembled colleagues. Please welcome the duly elected O5-3, formerly know as TJ Bright. Thus continues the Bright take over of the O5 council."

"I say, that type of humor-"

"Oh, relax 12. All it proves is there's something to be said for nepotism, as my father will tell you. Now then, Three. You had something for the council?"

"Ah, yes, thank you Jack- Sorry, Seven. Ahem. All right. I have here some collected notes- Well, you see, the alternate groups, the other people who also use the subnatural comprehension presences, and, well, I'm not sure if everyone has looked at the big picture recently.

"Thanks in large part to my sister, the Serpents Hand has been devastated. Recent activities in Australia and Ireland have no only landed us in possession of Dr. Prometheus, who is working under Director Heiden, but a surgical strike by MTF Alpha-23 has ended any further production from the Wondertainment company. Our political operative have had the organization know as the GOC disbanded. Last year, our government sponsored anti-terrorist teams went into brilliant action and wiped out those kids calling themselves … something stupid. All of this should be old hat, but the most important news I received just before I came in.

"Gentleman. Ladies. As of 4:51 am, eastern time, The Factory is no more. The work of the brilliant Dr. Mann, he was able to harness the destructive of power of 682 to eliminate both threats. Sadly. Dr. Mann perished in the event."

"Thank you Three. We can celebrate later. Eight, do you have the disarmament notes?"

For want of the battle

"Sarah Bright passed away today, peacefully in her sleep at the age of two hundred and forty five. The youngest, and last, surviving member of the original Bright founding family, Sarah is best known for changing the world, when, under the title O5-1, she revealed the Foundation to the world, showing how that organization had been working behind the scenes for years to make the world a better place.

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