Raymond Williamson

Name: Raymond Williamson
Concept: An Explorer, here to help chart tamlin house
Faction: Foundation
Physical Health: 7
Mental Health: 7


Strength: 4
Puzzle solving: 4
Agility 3


  • The Club — +1 to Strength


  • Riddle Book — +1 to Puzzle solving

Keep in mind, you have to be able to apply an item to a situation in order to get the bonus.


Very Temperamental

  • Rules Monkey: -1 penalty to the next 3 rolls anytime someone break's your internal standards.

Raymond is a very adventurous soul, deciding to take on the tamlin house challenge. He started out as a kid watching Indiana Jones movies, and wanted to be just like him. Now he is exactly like Indiana Jones. The only thing he needs now is a cowboy hat and a whip.
What does your character fear?
Raymond fears traps, and has an irrational fear of spiders.
What are your character's goals?
Raymond wants to become a famous adventurer, the stuff of legends.
If your character could be an animal, which one would it be?
An Eagle
What is your character's dearest wish?
He wishes to have the love of the family he never had.
Why is your character here?
To explore tamlin house.
If your character had a tattoo, or another one, what would it be?
A whip
If your character could have any superpower, what would it be?
To leap farther than he already can
What is your character's greatest weakness?
Falling for traps all the time
What is your character's greatest strength?
His ability to solve puzzles, making him one of the best adventurers

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