The following document was recovered from Action 12SH-3. Item physically appears to be a sheaf of hand written pages from a journal, with the name 'Thomas James Argent' scrawled on the first page in a different hand. Several pages are missing.

Entry 1
Michael has come back from the War, and he has brought me this journal as a souvenir. I shall attempt to write in it regularily, but I fear it shall not be thing which I do. To take my innermost thoughts and write them down upon the paper, where any may read, sounds fearsome to me. My brother James says that I think overmuch on such things for an ten year old, but I told him that Father always says if one does not think, one has nothing. Cogito Ergo Sum has always been the motto of clan Argent, no matters the jokes James might make about Carpe Jugulum. James retorted that I sounded as if I had read a dictionary. Do other people not do that?
Mayhap writing is easier then I had first thought. A place to put down things i wish to remember. Although I do remember most of it, it might help for when I try to tell Claire she is wrong.

Entry 2
Michael has told me many stories of events on the front lines. I can hardly believe the numbers of times he was almost killed! And not just by the typical worries one must face in war times. He tells me of stalking a terrible creature through the night, a loathsome beast that was killing his men. He claims it wore the face of a woman, but the body of a beast. It had begun killing his men, luring them into the night with promises of vile, sinful pleasures, and then ripping them open, to feast upon their entrails. Michael tracked it down with nothing but his knife and pistol. When he caught it, he treated it as it had treated his men. He claims that when the light of day touched it, the foul creature burst into flames, burning away to naught.
He also tells me of the creatures he called Valkeryies, balls of light that would appear upon the battlefield as the troops regrouped, dancing from body to body. I tried to explain ball lightning, but Michael claimed he had seen such, and this was different. He claimed he saw one up close, and there was a creature inside…and then he got real quiet.

Entry 3
Claire is a wicked, sinful child. She told Father today that she would not blame him for what he did, and that the child forgave him his sins. Father laughed and asked her what she meant. Claire told him, the child that he had vivisected, it forgave him for what he did, to stop the pain. Father grew quite pale at those words, and gave Claire a thorough thrashing with a willow branch. Afterwards, he spoke to me and her and James, and told us again we were not to go into his things, the work he did for the government was not something to be played with.
I asked Claire later why she had gone into Fathers things. She told me she had not. She then looked at me sadly, and told me she was sorry for what I would go through. She may be my elder sister, and I may have to respect her, but I grow weary of her fantasies.

Entry 7
Father, Mother and Michael fought again tonight. I know it was wicked of me, but I snuck in to listen to them, from the corner of the library. They never knew I was watching them. From what I heard, Michael has been offered a job with the same agency Father and Mother work with. Father refused to even consider the idea. Mother backed him up, as she is wont to do. Michael believes he can do good with them, help them in their endeveaurs. They never spoke of what they actually do, only all three believe it is important. Michael came close to striking Father. I could not believe it. But, in the end, Michael won, of a sort. He declared that he was a grown man, and could do as he chose. Father cast him from the house. I shall miss my brother.

Entry 11
I found Michael at his apartment in town. He was, well, not surprised to see me. He claimed he had figured that I would be the one to seek him out. He smelled heavily of whiskey. And he told me a story. While he had been in the Great War, he says he came upon a sight that still haunts him, and that is why he feels he must work for the Agency. He didn't want to speak to me of it, but, eventually, he opened up to me. He had been on recon, in a foreign city, when he heard a weeping through a window. Peering within, he had seen a young woman, topless, cradling the body of a babe to her chest. The woman kept seeking to suckle the child at her breast, despite the child being clearly deceased. Michael claims the the dead child came to life in the womans hands, and began to suckle at her teat, but the dead child had a full set of teeth, sharp and pointed, and began to rip flesh away from this woman. She never said a word, only looked on happily as the dead child began to eat her. My brother burst into the room, intent on slaying the foul beast… and the woman attacked him. He barely got away, and had to put seven bullets in the head of the innocent woman, and cut off her head to keep her from coming after him. The child got away.
Michael was silent for several minutes after telling me this story. Then he said that this encounter, along with the other stories, was why he MUST join the Agency. I told him I understood, that it was his duty to smite the ungodly. He laughed for some reason.

Entry 17
Claire ran away from home. Mother is distraught. Father is angry. James claims not to care. I wish I could talk to Michael. I leave a transcription of Claires note here, for posterity:
To my family: I am sorry, but I cannot stay here any longer. I am sixteen, and a woman now, and I know what I need to know to survive. The books have spoken to me, and I seek the scales to balance out the wrong the rest of you will do with your lives. I know you shall not listen, but I feel I must try to changes your fates nonetheless.
Father: There is no saving you. You are a devil, and have made deals with devils. If your fall did not so harm the ones I love, I would gleefully watch your descent into hell. As it stands, I hate you. You're responsible for all our woes.
Mother: Please, do not try. I know how desperately you desire one, but please, do not. It will only end in disaster.
Michael: Do not follow in our fathers footsteps! Seek not to be the greatest of devils! You are a good man, there are other things you can do!
James: Seek not the works of science, or you will be jailed. You will find yourself in the smallest of spaces, and never be free.
Thomas: Oh, my beloved Thomas. How I ache for the pain you will feel. Please, when you are old enough, follow in my path, and seek the hand that tips the scales of fate. The books shall show you the way.
My family, I love you, please… do not become the evil I have seen.

I do not know how to take this. I do not…

Entry 29
I have become a monster. Michael has told me of the things his Agency hunts down, of the people who violate the laws of physics, the monsters that feast on humanity, like a bloated tick on the belly of a deer. And I am one of them.
James had an accident out in the barn. Cut his hand open, from finger to wrist. It had just been the two of us working out there together when it happened, and I immediately grabbed, his hand, to help stop the bleeding. I felt a horrible pain lance through my own hand, and when I looked down, I had a scar where his wound had been. We cleaned the blood from his hand, to find no wound on him whatsoever. James swore me to silence about this, told me it was clearly just a scratch, not as bad as he had thought, but we both knew what I had done.

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