<theduckman> … it should probably start in a tavern.

High fantasy.

Gears - Barbarian
Clef - Wizard
Bridge - Cleric
Yoric - Rogue

The valiant warrior slumps to the ground,t he arrow piercing his lungs. The other three are already dead. He was the last hope for this world. As his life blood trickles around the shaft, the earth below him begins to rumble. It's too late. The earth shakes, and quivers.

Our view pulls upwards, showing the entire world beginning to crack and crumble and some indescribable, nameless thing awakens from its shell.

We pull further back, hoping to hide it in clouds, but no, it is destroying the atmosphere as well.

We pull back one final time… to reveal a 20 sided die, laying on a wooden table. The number 1 is facing upwards.

"Sorry guys." Yoric says sheepishly. "I guess I kinda fucked that up, huh?"

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