Darius's Journal

Arrived in the Tamlin House without too much of a mess. As of now, I'll just be keeping track of things if things go wrong, hopefully this journal will be archived back at the Library, so some good will come of it.

Trinity - Nice girl, from 2030. Wears sunglasses inside, seems to like Jack Daniels.
Beck - Some sort of revenant, but maybe unaware or in denial about this fact. Has a odd relationship with Candy.
Candy - Crazy girl, very violent. May be operating under a different morals system than the standard human, or may not be human. Seems to respond to violence against her as signs of dominance and attacks many other people
Barnard - The Bartender, a nice guy, but a bit of a blank on him. He will provide anything you ask, so long as you pay for it. Makes an alright burger but the best club sandwich and chips I've ever tasted.
Arturo Caballero - From the past, relative to me, and seems to think this may be some sort of religious event, I've not asked much detail about it.

Found out some interesting information about Arturo. Had a drinking contest with him, some nice Romulan Ale, can't believe they can get that here. He was muttering about bunnies and his mother, and some sort of killing. Not sure, but I'll keep it in mind for next time we talk.

Met two new people, A purple girl called Atropa Belladonna and a guy called Spade. Spade seems rather standoffish, but we'll see. Atropa is very attractive, almost oddly so. Perhaps some form of pheromones?

Just saw Atropa drinking water from her hair, which apparently are roots. She may be some sort of plant-based organism.

Just saw a large fight between Spade and Arturo. Tried to separate them, but didn't work. Whatever happened, Spade now seems to have a high opinion of himself, calling out to see who can best him.

New development, there is a clay golem that was referred to as a Non-Person by Spade, which is worrying. He also seems to have no idea where we are, and how dangerous it is. He seems to think he'll be able to stab his way out of any problem.

First excursion into the house. I'll record the rooms as I go.

856 - Some sort of paint room, lots of spray paint cans. I picked up one marked "invisible" and there were others that sprayed Camo patters or plaid.

284 - Blind room, if you enter you go blind. The room's small though, so some rope or following the wall will get you to other doors.

335 - Mac room, some kind of old computer room. Had an axe stuck in it, but when we pulled it out it started to repair itself, and started talking to us, through the keyboard.

Spade is gone, broke the rules too many times, and was thrown into the house and the door closed behind him. That's the punishment here.

Candy died recently, but came back a bit worse for wear. I'm keeping an eye on her, but remains to be seen what effect this had. Not to mention, according to Brad, she can't leave now. But still, there may be loopholes.

Apparently, Trinity knows how to handle snakes.

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