Um, I'm Danuv. Nice to meet you.

Name: Danuv Skeiol (Pronounced like "dawn of scale".)
Concept: A little lost alien boy.
Faction: House Native
Physical Health: 7
Mental Health: 7


Telekinesis: 5
Involves range, strength, stability, longevity, and complexity. The invisible "Substance" can take any shape, and interact with the physical world.
Lad Scamper: 4 (+1)
Sometimes it's better to run…
Strife: 2 (+1)
…but sometimes you just gotta fight back.



  • Lead Pipe — +1 to Strife


  • Boss Kicks — +1 to Lad Scamper



  • Green: -1 penalty to using Telekinesis to manipulate previously unencountered things, -1 to biological entities (other than himself), and -2 if these coincide.

Physical Description
He has two legs, a torso, and a head with eyes, a mouth, and reptilian ears. His skin is a pale lemon-lime and his eyes are purple, crowded with large pupils. He wears colorful, cottony clothes from soles to neck. He uses his feet to ambulate and his mind to manipulate, like all members of his species.

Danuv is a young Livionian boy from a planet called Alvarin. He invariably informs people he's looking for his father, and that he desires to return to his home. His father is a world-renowned scientist and engineer on Alvarin, responsible for the construction of a massive university, observatory, and scientific research facility that orbits one of Alvarin's moons. Danuv lives there with his family, and he spends a lot of time talking to students and playing with robots. His life was very easy and exciting, and he loved learning new things and improving his skills. Then, one day, he walked through the wrong door at the wrong time.

Bright lights make Danuv feel vulnerable. He avoids them consistently. He also doesn't like conflict, but has a strong stomache for it.

To get home, and to help others along the way.

Desired Animal Transformation
A Pralnkian jufdist.

Dearest Wish
To be reunited with his father.

Reason For Arriving
He wandered in accidentally while attending to daily routine in his home.

Desired Tattoo
"Tu Ent Jurlinsia Naat Golontikre Chy" in white letters down his arm. And maybe a dragon or two. You know, when he's old enough.

Desired Superpower

Greatest Weakness
Inexperience in basically every aspect of his current situation.

Greatest Strength
A combination of being light on his feet and having the element of surprise with his powers.

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