Commonly Used Rolls

This is where GMs can write down what combinations of Attributes and Abilities they use for different tasks. Obviously, they will ask for the rolls they need during a run or event, but if players wish to roll during soft RP, here's what we've got:

Activity Attribute Ability Notes
Shooting Perception/Dexterity Firearms player's choice
Melee Strength/Dexterity Melee GM's choice
Brawling Strength Melee
Stealth Dexterity Stealth When a stealth roll is countered by an alertness roll, the character rolling Alertness is considered the defender.
Dodging Dexterity Dodge See below
Physical resistance Stamina Survival In the case of physical attacks, characters may roll either dodging or physical resistance unless the GM says otherwise.

Please note that social rolls used on characters by other characters are not binding — that is, your character does not have to open up to someone they don't trust even if you're beaten by five successes.

My roll isn't listed here! What do??? Calm the fuck down. There's a pretty easy way to figure this out — just ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What general quality of my character is put to the test or emphasized here? Look in Attributes and make a decision. If it's unclear, try and narrow it down further by deciding whether it is primarily a Physical, Mental, or Social test. From there, determine whether it is about power or finesse. This should cover anything that isn't Stamina, Perception, or Appearance.
  2. What learned ability is my character making use of? Look at Abilities to figure this out. There can be some blurring between various social skills, but otherwise it should be reasonably clear. If you're still not sure, just use your best guess. There is little less consequential than soft RP social rolls.
  3. Does it involve willpower at all? If it's about your character's mental fortitude, sticktoitiveness, or will to keep going, use Willpower instead of an Ability.

This is a work-in-progress. While I intend for it to be a non-binding living document, it's not ready yet to be of any real use.- Jailbait

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