Common Rooms

Recently, there has been an influx in explorers to the House. To go along with this, a series of unnumbered rooms have popped up, connected to the Main Hall through the Barracks, that do not move in relation to each other.

The Barracks: A giant room, as large as many stadiums. It rises three levels, with approximately four hundred beds on each level. While some areas have been taken over by the various factions, most of the beds lie unoccupied. The beds themselves are double bunks, of the military style, with large footlockers at the head and base of each one. Any one may claim a foot locker, only one, and they will be the only one able to open it. Footlockers are frequently restocked with non-perishable food and drink. This is the only room that connects to the Main House.

The Baths: An old Roman style baths, but with modern plumbing.

The Bar: For something a little more fresh, or alcoholic, than what comes in the footlockers, you can come hang out in the Bar. It's a little seamy, kind of dark, but there's plenty of room to sit, any drink you can imagine, sometimes hot food, and a friendly bartender. Bernard is the only one who ever works in the Bar, and he takes all forms of payment.

The Dungeons: A set of cells for Explorers who make too much mischief in the common rooms. Security will lock Explorers here until someone decides to take responsibility for them.

Room 001-The Main Hall: A large entrance hall, which connected the Common Rooms to the rest of the house. From the Main Hall, there are eight doors out into the rest of the House, and one set of double doors that lead outside the House.

The Chapel: A new room has appeared. Small, rectangular. 9 pews on each side of a long red carpet, leading to a sword planted in the floor. The sword is plain, very basic, blade and crosspiece. Behind the blade is a stain glass window, with an omega sign in it. the walls and floor are covered with designed rugs.

Smith's: A rather crude blacksmith's workshop in the lower levels of the Barracks.

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