Here is where you need to post the character page you may have created!

I'll also talk a little about character creation here. The basic plot of this game is that your character, for whatever reason, is shoved into the House, to live, and explore. if you are a Foundation character, you might be a D-class tasked with mapping the Rooms in exchange for freedom. As a Researcher, you may be trying to write a paper on how the House warps Time and Space. or maybe you're an Agent who pissed off the wrong member of Senior Staff and he decided to assign you here. But you aren't limited to Foundation characters!

Many of the other Groups of interest have their own one way passes into the House. Doors at the top of staircases in towers that no longer exist, holes in the bottom of the sea, a porthole on a ghost ship… Everyone can send their people in! Maybe you're a member of the Serpents hand, trying to free the Tamlin House from its Foundation overlords, or a member of the Chaos Insurgency seeking a new weapon, or even just some fatcat thrillseeker with a membership to MC&D. Sadly, once you passed through, you found that things just don't stay the same enough for you to find your way back, and now you're stuck here, trying to survive, just like all the others.

Finally, the Tamlin House opens up to a multitude of other worlds. People stumble in all the time, or simply appear in the House, from far distant lands and times. There are all sorts of 'native' house dwellers, who themselves are simply trying to survive the horrors that walk amongst them.

There is a wary truce in the House amongst these three factions. They all know that they only have each other to protect themselves from the things that haunt the House, and most of them try to avoid fighting openly with each other. Once they all get out, all bets are off.

All Characters require the approval of Bright before you begin playing them.

Copy paste the following into a new page:

**//Name://** (Name goes here)
**//Concept://** (A couple of words explaining your character) 
**//Faction://** (Foundation/Specific GOI/House Native)
**//Physical Health://** 7
**//Mental Health://** 7

__**Skills**__ (Spend 10 points among any number of skills, to a maximum of 5 per skill. The skills can be anything. Please have a minimum of three skills.)

**I Am Your Skill:** 
**I Am Your Skill Too:** 4


**Weapons:** (Start with one, +1 item)
* //The Fistgun// -- +1 to **I Am Your Skill**

**Equipment:** (Same goes here)
* //Lolzball// -- +1 to **I Am Your Skill Too**

//Keep in mind, you have to be able to apply an item to a situation in order to get the bonus.//

 __**Perks**__ (Perks are earned)

 __**Hooks**__ (Hooks are character flaws or weaknesses, essentially the opposite of Perks. Add 1 extra skill point if your character has a Hook. Starting character may take only one Hook.)
* //Rules Monkey//: -1 penalty to the next 3 rolls anytime someone break's your internal standards.

 __**History**__ (Write a short blurb reminding us who your character is and how they got here.)

**What does your character fear?**

**What are your character's goals?**

**If your character could be an animal, which one would it be?**

**What is your character's dearest wish?**

**Why is your character here?**

**If your character had a tattoo, or another one, what would it be?**

**If your character could have any superpower, what would it be?**

**What is your character's greatest weakness?**

**What is your character's greatest strength?**

Please note! Let Bright know when you spend XP on stuff.

There is a limit of two ACTIVE characters per player.

Foundation Characters:

GOI Characters:

House Natives:

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