• Player: Tyro
  • Nature: Caregiver
  • Demeanor: Loner
  • Concept: The Silent Spark
  • Faction: Foundation
  • Age: 20
  • Sex: M
  • Willpower: 7
  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7


Physical: Secondary

  • Strength: 3
  • Dexterity: 3
  • Stamina: 3

Social: Tertiary

  • Charisma: 1
  • Manipulation: 2
  • Appearance: 3

Mental: Primary

  • Perception: 4
  • Intelligence: 3
  • Wits: 3


Talents: Tertiary

  • Alertness: 3
  • Athletics: 3
  • Brawl: 1
  • Dodge: 3
  • Empathy: 1
  • Expression: 3
  • Intimidation: 1
  • Leadership:
  • Streetwise:
  • Subterfuge:

Skills: Primary

  • Animal Ken:
  • Crafts:
  • Technology: 4
  • Etiquette:
  • Firearms: 4
  • Melee: 1
  • Performance:
  • Repair: 2
  • Stealth: 2
  • Survival: 2

Knowledges: Secondary

  • Computer: 2
  • Enigma: 3
  • Investigation: 1
  • Law:
  • Linguistics:
  • Medicine: 1
  • Occult: 2
  • Politics:
  • SCPs: 4
  • Science:


Acute Sense:(Sight) 1 point. One of your senses is working overboard. You are at -2 difficulty to rolls invoking that sense. You must specify which sense you take. May be taken multiple times. Not that have an acute sense also makes you more susceptible to attacks that focus on those senses.

Ambidextrous: 1 point. You may use either hand equally well without penalty.

Daredevil: 3 Points. You are used to taking great risks. Whenever you are up against overwhelming odds, or just plain stupid actions, you gain an extra die. This only applies to combat if you are outnumbered, or sorely outclassed.

SCP Foundation Agent: 3 Points.You've been with the Foundation long enough to pick up a thing or two. -2 difficulty to all Alertness and Subterfuge rolls, and other Foundation operatives trust you to some degree.

Medium: 2 points. You can see and talk to spirits.


Wavering Faith: 3 Points. You used to believe, but something has made you doubt the higher powers. All willpower roles are at +1 difficulty.

Mute: 4 Points. You are completely incapable of speech.

Marked: 3 Points. You have been touched by something horrible, and it still affects you. You have some form of impairment brought on by your encounters with an SCP, and it might still linger about you, watching the world from behind your eyes.


Telepathy:(Painful) 2 points per level
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
Willpower Cost: 1 if non consensual, zero if the recipient is consenting.
Description: By rolling intelligence + Telepathy, you can read peoples minds, and send messages to them.


"Vulcan" is a human caucasian male that is 1.8m tall and weighs 72kg with a shaved head, and around his chin and down his neck is the faint echo of what was once a beard. His eyes are almost jet black, his irises almost completely indistinguishable from his pupils at a distance, causing minor discomfort in baseline humans. Scars appear along his skull and trail down all around his body, extending even to his arms and legs. The scars all meet in a sickening jagged swirl on his chest.


Agent "Vulcan" was the designation given to a mind-wiped and nameless tech expert of Mobile Task Force Sigma-5 "Fire Drakes", which was primarily deployed to contain SCP objects with an aversion to fire and intense heat. During an engagement with SCP-███-T during a containment breach, Sigma-5 was was presumed KIA after an unexpected anomaly occurred, resulting in the destruction of the SCP object. Approximately 18 months following the event, Vulcan emerged with his scars and modified eyes from the still radioactive sector seemingly without further harm and with strange telepathic abilities. Notably, Vulcan could no longer speak. Vulcan was deemed anomalous, but was otherwise deemed unspectacular enough to go about his duties for the Foundation.

New orders came in the form of a command from level-4 personnel that Vulcan was to recon the House and report back with any intelligence he gathered. Whether this was a suicide journey to tie up loose ends or a genuine job that he was expected to handle is unknown to him, though he's afraid to expect either one. Agent Vulcan, however, never turned down a job.

And so far, he hadn't failed a mission either.

Total Freebie Points: 21 + 10 Hooks = 31

How I Spent My Freebie Points:

Telepathy(Painful): 29
1 Dexterity Point: 22
Survival Level 1 + 2: 19
Computer Level 2: 17
Occult Level 2: 15
Medicine Level 1: 14
Expression Level 1 + 2 + 3: 8
Athletics Level 1 + 2 + 3: 2
Empathy Level 1: 1
Intimidation Level 1: 0

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