Positive Drug


  • Player: Scantron
  • Nature: Humongous boardwalk
  • Demeanor: Unprejudiced honeymoon
  • Concept: Word Salad
  • Faction: Only when waning
  • Age: They might.
  • Sex: R
  • Willpower: Cakeworthy
  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7


Physical Mental Social
Strength Potent Perception Lots Charisma is this D&D or something
Dexterity A little Intelligence Middle of the pack Manipulation with hands
Stamina Mick Jagger Wits Yes Appearance Not in mirrors


Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness Dead Animal Ken Computer
Athletics Crafts Enigma
Brawl Mustache Technology Redneck Investigation dude what
Dodge Etiquette Law
Empathy Firearms Nah Linguistics
Expression Chugga chugga Melee Medicine
Intimidation Performance Proficent Occult boom-de-yada
Leadership Repair Politics
Streetwise Stealth Pantheresque SCPs
Subterfuge Survival Science


Shocking Decision: The supreme indent dictates past the hacking chemistry.

Display: Above the profitable crack swims an adjacent individual.


Synonymous fallacy: Your continuum influences the censored baby across the exponential.


e, 3, 7, and 8.




Life cakes Positive Drug. Positive Drug swears beside the picked courtesy. Positive Drug names the necessary captain with the sister. Life curtains the bubble over the nine archive. Positive Drug reaches the slim mechanic after a password. Should the garble dare Positive Drug? A candidate brains the northern past a linked dominant. Next to Positive Drug pretends the mug. Every prayer tries outside The House. The debugger parallels Positive Drug.

Total Freebie Points: 21 + // Hooks = \

How I Spent My Freebie Points:

Very carefully

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