Nomura Takeo


  • Player:PixelWarrior
  • Nature: Meditative
  • Demeanor: Friendly and Ethical
  • Concept: Assassin Samurai
  • Faction: House Native
  • Age: 26
  • Sex:M
  • Willpower: 4
  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7


Physical Primary Mental Secondary Social Tertiary
Strength 3 Perception 4 Charisma 2
Dexterity 4 Intelligence 2 Manipulation 1
Stamina 3 Wits 2 Appearance 3


Talents Secondary Skills Primary Knowledges Tertiary
Alertness 3 Animal Ken 1 Computer
Athletics 2 Crafts Enigma
Brawl Technology Investigation 2
Dodge 2 Etiquette 1 Law
Empathy 1 Firearms Linguistics 1
Expression 1 Melee 3 Medicine 1
Intimidation Performance 3 Occult 2
Leadership Repair Politics 1
Streetwise Stealth 4 SCPs
Subterfuge Survival 1 Science


Acute Sense: 1 point. One of your senses is working overboard. You are at -2 difficulty to rolls invoking that sense. You must specify which sense you take. May be taken multiple times. Note that having an acute sense also makes you more susceptible to attacks that focus on those senses. Sense: Hearing

Good night Vision: 2 Points. You were always at home in low light areas. You ignore any penalties due to darkness.


Mute: 4 Points. You are completely incapable of speech.


Super Speed: 6 points
Prerequisites: Dexterity of 4 or more
Restrictions: If used more then twice in a row during combat, user begins to take one wound level each time its used.
Willpower Cost: 2
Description: You can move faster then the eye can see. When using this power, you can take two actions each turn you invoke this power.

Shroud: 2 points
Prerequisites: None.
Restrictions: The Shroud drops the turn after you attack from within it.
Willpower Cost: 2
Description: You can call up a cloak of some element, to help shield you from sight, or defend yourself from attack. Flames, shadows, ice, or the like come to your call. Shadows envelop Nomura
Taint (Uncontrolled): The GM can choose to activate your power, forcing you to spend willpower, whenever he wants.

Telepathy: 4 points
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
Willpower Cost: 1 if non consensual, zero if the recipient is consenting.
Description: By rolling intelligence + Telepathy, you can read peoples minds, and send messages to them.

The House Always Wins: 10 points
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
Willpower Cost: Variable
Description: The House sometimes changes people in weird and unusual ways. If you take this power, you can put as many points as you want into it. Then, after the rest of your character creation is done, Bright will use those points to add a new and original power or powers to your character. They may relate to your character, or be completely unusual, but that's the risk you take.


Nomura is a Japanese man of medium height. He is very slender and wears black fighting robes on his person at all times. He is always carrying his katana, which is sheathed in a black scabbard. The blade itself is entirely black also.


Nomura Takeo was born in twelfth century Japan. His parents were killed by Samurai, and he was adopted and trained in their traditions. From a young age he showed great skill with the Katana, so he was trained to help the Samurai eliminate their political enemies. The leader of the Taira clan adopted him as a son and made him an assassin. He worked for his clan to kill their political enemies and helped them gain complete control of Japan. An assassin from another clan was sent to kill him, and in the ensuing fight, the butt of a sword hit Nomura in the neck, destroying his voice box and making it impossible for him to speak intelligibly. He was then taught by the greatest sorcerer in the Taira clan and learned how to use his mind to communicate with other people. During this time, he lost control of his power to shroud himself and is shrouded randomly now. He was sent by his Emperor to investigate an token shaped like an yin and yang symbol that was causing people to worship it. When he held the token, he felt pulled to a nearby garden, where he fell down a well and is now in the Tamlin house. He is unaware of what the token does at the moment.

Total Freebie Points: 21 + 5 Hooks = 26

How I Spent My Freebie Points:

-6: Super Speed
-2: Shroud
-1:Acute Hearing
-2:Night Vision
-10: THAW

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