Liam Hernandez


  • Player: Wolf94
  • Nature: Introverted, religious
  • Demeanor: Quiet, studious
  • Concept: SCP-217 Infectee
  • Faction: Church of the Broken God
  • Age: 31
  • Sex: Male
  • Willpower: 7
  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7


Physical 2nd Mental 1st Social 3rd
Strength 3 Perception 4 Charisma 3
Dexterity 2 Intelligence 5 Manipulation 2
Stamina 3 Wits 1 Appearance 0


Talents 3rd Skills 2nd Knowledges 1st
Alertness 2 Animal Ken Computer
Athletics Crafts Enigma 5
Brawl Technology 5 (4+1) Investigation
Dodge 2 Etiquette 1 Law
Empathy 3 Firearms Linguistics 3
Expression Melee Medicine
Intimidation Performance Occult 5
Leadership Repair 5 (4+1) Politics
Streetwise Stealth SCPs
Subterfuge Survival Science


Religious Devotion (3 points): Hernandez is greatly devoted to the Broken God, granting him 3 extra willpower points per game session.

Eidetic Memory (2 points): Hernandez remembers everything.

Church of the Broken God Operative (2 points): Hernandez gets -1 difficulty roll to Repair and Technology.


Disfigured (4 points): Due to SCP-217 infection, Hernandez is very ugly. His appearance is set at 0.

Marked (3 points): By Hernandez's SCP-217 infection, he has a severe weakness to water. He can ingest it, but other contact with it will cause rusting that makes him move slower and feel quite a bit of pain.

Mental illness (2 points): SCP-217 has invaded Hernandez's brain to a severe point. As such, he often seems very dull, and has a tendency to repeat things, stutter, or fail to speak as the cogs turning in his head speed up or delay. +1 to all social die rolls that involve speech.


Mental Armor (5 points): Hernandez's theologies among Broken God texts coupled with his intense faith give him a kind of mental barrier. He can ignore one level of damage dealt by a mental force.

One point does nothing (1 point):For the cost of a willpower point, Hernandez can make metal shinier. This does not remove any rust.


Hernandez is 5' 11" and has shoulder-length black hair. SCP-217 infection has rendered approximately half of his facial features as metal, including the nose and left eye, and also causing a peculiar loss of hair on the left side of his head. He wears gear appropriate for operation in the desert. Also, the strain of SCP-217 he is infected by is defective, rendering it incapable of transmission upon contact.


A Bolivian native, he became a part of the Church of the Broken God after a devastating Foundation raid on his town to eradicate an SCP-217 epidemic, in which he was infected. He became a devoted theologian for the Church at the age of twenty, and interpreted at least three hundred texts by the age of thirty.

Total Freebie Points: 21 + 9 Hooks = 30

How I Spent My Freebie Points:

Willpower (8 points)
Mental Armor (5 points)
Religious Devotion (3 points)
Eidetic Memory (2 points)
Church of the Broken God Operative (2 points)
The House Always Wins (1 point)
Disfigured (4 hook points)
Marked (3 hook points)
Mental illness (2 hook points)

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