John Renshaw


  • Player: Gara
  • Nature: Curious
  • Demeanor: Kind, Sarcastic
  • Concept: Exiled Healer
  • Faction: Serpent's Hand
  • Age: 22
  • Sex: Male
  • Willpower: 5
  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 3
  • XP: 2


Physical 3 Mental 1 Social 2
Strength 1 Perception 4 Charisma 3
Dexterity 3 Intelligence 4 Manipulation 1
Stamina 2 Wits 2 Appearance 4


Talents 2 Skills 3 Knowledges 1
Alertness 3 Animal Ken 1 Computer
Athletics Crafts 1 Enigma 3
Brawl Technology Investigation
Dodge 3 Etiquette 1 Law
Empathy 1 Firearms Linguistics
Expression 2 Melee Medicine 5
Intimidation Performance Occult 4
Leadership Repair Politics
Streetwise Stealth 2 SCPs 1
Subterfuge Survival 1 Science


Medium: 2 points. You can see and talk to spirits.


Pacifist: 5 points. You absolutely despise fighting. You must make a willpower roll difficulty 8 in order to take a violent action of any kind, or be overcome by your conscience.

Marked: 3 Points. You have been touched by something horrible, and it still affects you. During the last ritual John was a part of, his mind touched something vastly more powerful then his, and it overcame him, using him to kill several of his friends who were near. Blood red runes run down each limb, with a large complex symbol on his forehead.


Telepathy: 4 points per level
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
Willpower Cost: 1 if non consensual, zero if the recipient is consenting.
Description: By rolling intelligence + Telepathy, you can read peoples minds, and send messages to them.

Healing: 7 per level for both.
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
Willpower Cost:1
Description: User can heal one level of damage per level. May be taken 4 times.

Pink is as pink does.: THAW
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
Willpower Cost: 1
Description: Can turn an object up to six feet tall and five hundred pounds, a bright vivid pink.

Such a pretty Princess!: THAW
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
Willpower Cost: 1
Description: Can turn anyones outfit into a princess outfit of the appropriate type. This generally means pink and frilly. Note, pink and frilly armor, is still armor. This effect lasts for a scene.

I wanted a pony!: 9
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
Willpower Cost: 3
Description: Summons a pony. A new one each time the power is used. The pony remains until something happens to it. The pony is not nessacarily trained.


John is a Caucasian male that stands at 5'9'' and weighs 160 pounds. He wears a grey plain shirt and pants, slightly baggy. His hair is red, a result of his Irish heritage, his eyes are green. Running down each limb, there are lines of runes. Most obvious on his face, where two lines run along the sides of his face and meet at a large, complex glyph on his forehead between his eyes.


At the age of 19, John discovered his abilities and was swiftly contacted by the Serpents Hand for teaching. After he was taught how to control his abilities for three years, he and several instructors and students performed the final ritual and rites before being made full members.

Something dark and terrible forced its way into John's mind, forcing him to attack his peers and trainers, killing several before he was subdued by the guards. They did not believe him about the entity, and punished him by exiling him to Tamlin's House.

Total Freebie Points: 21 + 8 Hooks = 29

How I Spent My Freebie Points:

14 Healing
4 Telepathy
2 Medium

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