Harvey Harrison


  • Player: Mere_Observer
  • Nature: Homesick, Nice, Lonely
  • Demeanor: Kind, Honest
  • Concept: "Project Mirage" Test Subject
  • Faction: Prometheus Labs
  • Age: 25
  • Sex: Male
  • Willpower: 5
  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7


Physical 1 Mental 3 Social 2
Strength 3 Perception 2 Charisma 3
Dexterity 4 Intelligence 1 Manipulation 1
Stamina 3 Wits 3 Appearance 4


Talents 2 Skills 1 Knowledge 3
Alertness Animal Ken Computer
Athletics 2 Crafts Enigma
Brawl 4 Technology Investigation
Dodge 3 Etiquette Law
Empathy Firearms 4 Linguistics 4
Expression Melee 3 Medicine 3
Intimidation Performance Occult
Leadership Repair 3 Politics
Streetwise Stealth SCPs
Subterfuge Survival 3 Science


Daredevil: 3 Points. Harvey has decided that he has nothing to lose anymore. Whenever he is up against overwhelming odds, or just plain stupid actions, he gains an extra die. This only applies to combat if he is outnumbered, or sorely outclassed.


Non-confrontational: 1 Point. Harvey doesn't like starting trouble at all, avoiding drama whenever possible. He must make a willpower check to speak out against the common agreement.

Allergies: 1 Point. Harvey has a cigarette smoke allergy which was brought on from his time spent in the simulation realm he lived in. It lacked cigarettes, never having been seen as a necessity for his virtual world, and as such his body readjusted to a world without them.

Wavering Faith: 3 Points. Harvey used to believe that everything around him was real, but the swap between his reality and the real world leaves him not losing faith in religion, but reality itself. All willpower roles are at +1 difficulty.

Bad Liar: 1 Point. Harvey is just horrible at deceiving people. He is at +1 difficulty to any attempts to deceive.


Illusions: 8 points
Restrictions: None
Willpower Cost: 1, if it affects a scene, 0 if just used for light rp.
Description: Harvey can create fantastic illusions, that fool all senses but touch.

Fictional Structures: 8 points
Prerequisites: Illusions
Restrictions: None
Willpower Cost: DM decision.
Description: With an effort of will, Harvey can make an illusion solid for a scene. The more complicated the illusion, the more Will it costs. A sword might cost one will, a gun two, and a firebreathing dragon would be at least seven.

Luck: Lvl 2
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
Willpower Cost: 0
Description: Harvey may ignore up to his level in 1's each session. He may take this as many times as he paid for.


6' 2", 190 lbs., dark blonde wavy hair


Harvey was born in Alice Springs, Australia. He lived with his grandparents in a small two bedroom house. He made average grades in school, B's and C's, and eventually went to technical school for engineering. He worked at a local garage for about 10 years, then quit after he decided it was to exciting for him. He married a blonde haired girl in town named Elizabeth, and they had two boys named Douglas and John. John grew old with Elizabeth, working as a civil engineer, and watched his boys grow up as his world grew smaller and smaller around him. He died on July 9th, 2074 at age 78. As the lights around him grew darker, he closed his eyes, and saw a bright light at the end of a tunnel.

He woke up in a chair, strapped into bonds, and a strange helmet covering his face. Multiple men in white coats surrounded him, some holding clipboards, or scalpels, and one with an oxygen tank. They were asking him multiple questions, some about what he went through, others about what he remembered. He was taken out of the chair and led to a small room with a chair. he sat down and was immediately bombarded with questions. The first questions was, "Did you prefer the simulation, or reality?" He didn't understand that he had been placed into a prototype Prometheus Labs device, designed to create simulation for the user to train them or show them a better life if in a vegetative state. Henry was the first healthy test subject to go through the machine's full process, or at least, the only one who survived it. It had however, replaced his entire memory layout with that of the simulation, not remembering why he was a test subject, only remembering Elizabeth's face and his two boys, wondering if he would ever see them again. He was reassigned after showing great proficiency while using the device, and it was miniaturized into a suit, which he would have control over.

He had been assigned to the suit's testing facility, filed under, subject "Mirage". He was used to test a prototype device. The device was designed to not only project simulations, but to create real simulations by moving lingering particles and the suits own energy project to create solid objects as well as creating the illusion to all the other senses ultimately giving him the ability to create real objects out of nothing. Harvey proved an excellent test subject after multiple facility tests and was eventually sent to the Tamlin House site to see it's full usage in the field.


  • Prometheus Labs "Mirage" Armor Mk. I
  • KRISS Kard .45 ACP Handgun

Total Freebie Points: 21 + 6 Hooks = 27

How I Spent My Freebie Points:

Daredevil: 3
Illusions: 8
Fictional Structures: 8
Luck: 8

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