Finella Fletcher


  • Player: PetraCore
  • Nature: Divided
  • Demeanor: Mellow
  • Concept: Modern-day swan-maiden
  • Faction: House Native
  • Age: 29
  • Sex: Female
  • Willpower: 5
  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • XP: 1


Physical Mental Social
Strength 4 Perception 1 Charisma 1
Dexterity 2 Intelligence 4 Manipulation 1
Stamina 4 Wits 3 Appearance 5


Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness 0 Animal Ken 2 Computer 0
Athletics 3 Crafts 0 Enigma 3
Brawl 5 Technology 0 Investigation 0
Dodge 2 Etiquette 0 Law 0
Empathy 0 Firearms 0 Linguistics 1
Expression 0 Melee 2 Medicine 0
Intimidation 0 Performance 0 Occult 4
Leadership 0 Repair 2 Politics 0
Streetwise 0 Stealth 0 SCPs 0
Subterfuge 3 Survival 3 Science 0



Animal Instincts: 1 point. Finella has to constantly fight her animal instincts in order to fit in with humans. She has to make a willpower challenge in particularly difficult situations, such as if her 'territory' is 'invaded'.


Alternate Form: 10 points
Prerequisites: A really good back story.
Restrictions: None
Willpower Cost: 4 to change into, 0 to change back
Description: Finella is a swan maiden, and can transform into a Mute Swan as long as she's got her feathers with her.


5'5'' with an athletic, shapely build. Facial features are delicate and classically pretty, with dark green eyes and white-blonde hair. Got a tattoo of a swan on the back of her neck when she was 18 and not very subtle at all, and regretted it ever since. Tends to wear clothes or jewelery that will cover her tattoo. Much stronger than she looks.



The medieval myth of the swan maiden was that of a beautiful woman who could turn into a swan with the help of a magical garment of swan feathers. Often swan maiden stories involved their feathers being stolen by a perverted asshole, who they would be forced to marry. The couple would live 'happily ever after' until one of their enterprising children discovered the feathers and showed their mother, at which point the swan maiden would understandably get the hell out of there. It's a good thing it's just a myth!

Only, it turns out, it's not so mythological. On Finella's world, swan maidens and other fantastic species are one hundred percent real, if not exactly in the public eye. There is, in a sense, an underground community and culture of the magically inclined, although it's not as exciting as it seems like it'd be. Finella, although raised by two swan maidens - there's not exactly a separate term for the rare males - has had to exercise her self control and learn to fit into human society, to varying degrees of success. She identifies as Scottish first and Mythic second, although she's not fully comfortable in either her human or avian forms. Going too long without changing shape makes it harder to control herself.

By now, she's gotten pretty good at the control, however, often coming off as extremely mellow until she's pushed too far. To an outsider, she's got no middle ground. She boxes to vent her aggression, and has a passionate love of the High Fantasy genre, probably because magic seem more exciting in fantasy than in her reality. She is perpetually writing a mediocre novel, never quite managing to wrap up the plot. She fluently speaks Scottish Gaelic as well as English.

Finella ended up in the House after accidentally locking herself in her closet. She was forced to break the door down, and found the House on the other side, instead of her bedroom.

Total Freebie Points: 21 + 1 Hooks = 22

How I Spent My Freebie Points:

7 points Appearance, 10 points Alternate Form, 4 points Willpower, 1 point Linguistics.

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