• Player: MonkeyBomb
  • Nature: Cunning
  • Demeanor: Quiet, Inquisitive
  • Concept: Deceptively Adorable Little Girl
  • Faction: GOI
  • Age: 8
  • Sex: F
  • Willpower: 7 (5+2)
  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7


Physical 3rd Mental 1st Social 2nd
Strength 1 Perception 3 Charisma 3
Dexterity 3 Intelligence 5 Manipulation 3
Stamina 2 Wits 2 Appearance 2


Talents 1st Skills 2nd Knowledges 3rd
Alertness 3 Animal Ken 3 Computer 1
Athletics 1 (0+1) Crafts 1 Enigma 3
Brawl Technology Investigation
Dodge 4 Etiquette 1 Law
Empathy Firearms Linguistics 1
Expression 3 Melee Medicine 2
Intimidation Performance Occult
Leadership Repair Politics
Streetwise Stealth 4 SCPs
Subterfuge 3 Survival Science


Way with Words: 1 point. Charlotte learned how to say the right things and act a certain way in order to influence people to do things she wants them to. She is at a -2 difficulty when using Expression or Performance to influence people.


Mute: 4 Points. While in the custody of Prometheus Labs, Inc., Charlotte's brain was pricked and probed for science. Unfortunately, as a side-effect of an error made during an operation when she was five years old, she is completely incapable of audible speech.

Tree Nut Allergy: 1 Point. Charlotte is allergic to tree nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc.) After coming into contact with these kinds of nuts, Charlotte develops a rash and has trouble breathing. Charlotte is at +1 difficulty to all rolls during a scene in which she encounters this substance.


Domination Lvl.2: 6 points per level
Prerequisites: Intelligence five or higher, Telepathy
Restrictions: None.
Willpower Cost: 3
Description: By rolling Intelligence + Domination, you may temporarily gain control of another character, forcing them to do your bidding for (Number of levels of Domination) rounds. You may take no other actions while controlling said character, except defense. You may take this power up to five times.

Telepathy Lvl.1: 4 points per level
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
Willpower Cost: 1 if non-consensual, 0 if the recipient is consenting.
Description: By rolling Intelligence + Telepathy, you can read peoples minds, and send messages to them.


Charlotte is a Caucasian female who is about eight-years-old. She stands about 4 feet high and weighs around 47 pounds. Her eyes are a brilliant blue, and her hair is a deep brown color. She is hardly ever seen separated from her stuffed dog, "Wolf."


  • A small stuffed Husky, affectionately named "Wolf"
  • A pad of paper and a pencil
  • A drawing of Zombie


Charlotte was a guinea pig from birth. Because of Charlotte's abilities, her mother "donated" her to Prometheus Labs, Inc. for $10,000. Born with psychic abilities, Charlotte was a prime subject for research involving mental defense technology. Prometheus Labs, Inc. used the child for years to research and develop what would eventually become the technology known as Telekill.

While she wasn't treated horribly, Charlotte was definitely not treated the way a little girl should be. The majority of her life was spent studying, taking tests, and undergoing sometimes painful medical procedures. There were no other children her age to be friends with, and the scientists were not allowed to form any kind of personal relationship with her. Any that did were swiftly replaced. And so, Charlotte learned to avoid bonding with them just as they were told to avoid bonding with her.

When she was five years old, Charlotte lost the use of her voice. It happened during one of the many medical procedures she underwent. There was an incorrect digit on the paperwork, or a malfunction on a machine, or maybe it was just simple human error. Regardless of what was the cause, something went wrong during the operation, and it permanently damaged Charlotte's brain. Her telepathy was now a blessing instead of the curse that put her in the hands of the scientists.

Her sixth birthday was the happiest day of Charlotte's sad, lonely life. She woke up at exactly 5:00 AM that morning like she did every day, feeling like the only person in her small world that knew that she had just turned six-years-old. As it turned out, she was wrong. That afternoon, a strange and obviously important man came to visit the facility where Charlotte lived. At first, Charlotte didn't pay much attention to him. But as time went on, she realized that he was there because of her. The strange man read the many files that Charlotte knew were the results of her testing. This went on for a while because there were mountains of paperwork about Charlotte. But eventually, after conversing with the scientists in charge, the man shook their hands. Then, after what appeared to be a small argument, the man turned around and approached Charlotte. The man didn't say a word as he pulled a small gift bag out of his briefcase and offered it to her. At first, Charlotte didn't know how to react. But after a short moment of contemplation, Charlotte took the bag. The man smiled, and without a word, turned and left. She would never see him again. The strange man had come and given her a gift for her birthday. This single act of kindness is the brightest moment in Charlotte's memory. She remembers every detail about that day and will never forget it.

Two years later, Charlotte escaped. It was dangerous, but eight-year-old Charlotte had spent the last few years reading, learning, and planning. Intelligent as she was, Charlotte had waited for this particular evening to escape. There was a thunderstorm that night, with torrential rain and hail. Charlotte wasn't allowed to learn where on Earth she was, so her escape plan ended after she exited the facility she had spent all eight years of her life in. She fled the facility, taking with her only the clothes on her back and the stuffed dog. Charlotte sped through the driving rain, refusing to stop and rest. She ran and ran for what seemed like hours, her legs striving to put as much distance between herself and her pursuers. Suddenly, her feet were no longer pushing against firm ground. Instead, Charlotte had inadvertently run off a cliff. With no voice to scream, Charlotte tumbled over the edge and plummeted downwards in space. After falling about fifty yards, Charlotte knew death was imminent. But before her small body could collide with the rocks below, something happened. As she neared the bottom of the fall, Charlotte blacked out.

When she opened her eyes, the storm was gone. Instead, the vast interior of Tamlin House filled her vision.

Total Freebie Points: 21 + 5 Hooks = 26

How I Spent My Freebie Points:

+2 Willpower: -8
+1 Athletics: -1
Way With Words: -1
Telepathy Lvl.1: -4
Domination Lvl.2: -12

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