B. Hiverson


  • Player: Magnolia, Originally Scantron
  • Nature: Gentlemanly
  • Demeanor: Team Player
  • Concept: Walking, talking beehive. FULL OF BEES
  • Faction: BEES House Native
  • Age: N/A
  • Sex: None
  • Willpower: 4
  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7


Physical 2nd Mental 1st Social 3rd
Strength 4 Perception 5 Charisma 3
Dexterity 3 Intelligence 3 Manipulation 2
Stamina 1 Wits 2 Appearance 0


Talents 2nd Skills 2nd Knowledges 3rd
Alertness 3 Animal Ken 3 Computer
Athletics Crafts 41 Enigma
Brawl 4 Technology Investigation 1
Dodge Etiquette 2 Law 1
Empathy Firearms Linguistics
Expression Melee Medicine 1
Intimidation 3 Performance Occult
Leadership 3 Repair Politics 4
Streetwise Stealth SCPs
Subterfuge Survival 2 Science 1



Speech Impediment: 1 Point. You have some form of lisp, stutter, or other speech impediment that makes it hard to talk. You are at +1 difficulty to all social rolls that involve speech.

Disfigured: 4 Points. Hey! He just happens to be made out of Bees, if that doesn't conform to your sense of beauty, that's your problem. His appearance is 0, and cannot rise above that.

Allerigies: 1 Point. B. Hiverson is allergic to… wait for it… pollen. For real. You are at +1 difficulty to all rolls during a scene in which you encounter this substance.

Slow: 3 Points. A quick walking pace is your best all-out sprint. +2 difficulty to stamina or other rolls when they require decisive movement.


Blast 3: 9 points
Prerequisites: None.
Restrictions: None.
Willpower Cost: 1
Description: Roll Perception + Blast to produce a stream of angry bees.

Flight: 5 points
Prerequisites: None.
Restrictions: None.
Willpower Cost: 0
Description: B. Hiverson is made of flying insects. It can fly!

Telepathy 3: 12 points
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
Willpower Cost: 1 if non consensual, zero if the recipient is consenting.
Description: By rolling intelligence + Telepathy, you can read people's minds, and send messages to them.


B. Hiverson looks and moves like a person covered in bees. Underneath there is, in fact, a sapient, functional, flexible beehive with wax joint. Its bees are not aggressive without legit due cause, and the entity as a whole is fully sapient. The bees act as a hive mind. Also, he wears a top hat at most times.


B. Hiverson is normal, honest. At least where it comes from — pretty much everything is a walking, talking sapient object in some respect, and B. Hiverson is still in the habit of assuming that various objects are fully sapient and just not very talkative. It was a County Commissioner before it opened a door into the House and found itself in the main hall.

Total Freebie Points: 21 + 9 Hooks = 30

How I Spent My Freebie Points:

-9: Blast 3
-5: Flight
-12: Telepathy 3
-3: Etiquette 2
-1: Law 1

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