Admiral Charles Windsur


  • Player: Landalot (David_Bruce in chat rooms)
  • Nature: Commanding
  • Demeanor: Stiff-lipped and quick to make up his mind.
  • Concept: Admiral a the British Naval Fleet in the 18th century.
  • Faction: House Native
  • Age: 38
  • Sex: Male
  • Willpower: 4
  • Physical Health: 10
  • Mental Health: 7


Physical 1 Mental 2 Social 3
Strength 4 Perception 3 Charisma 3
Dexterity 2 Intelligence 1 Manipulation 1
Stamina 4 Wits 4 Appearance 2


Talents 2 Skills 1 Knowledges 3
Alertness Animal Ken Computer
Athletics Crafts 1 Enigma 3
Brawl 2 Technology Investigation
Dodge 3 Etiquette Law
Empathy Firearms 4 Linguistics
Expression Melee 5 Medicine
Intimidation Performance Occult
Leadership 4 Repair Politics 2
Streetwise Stealth 2 SCPs
Subterfuge Survival 3 Science


Natural Leader: 1 point.
People listen to Charles. He is at -1 difficulty when giving orders or commanding people around.

Way with Words: 1 point.
Charles didn’t get so high up in the food chain kissing people’s boots. He is at a -2 difficulty when using Expression or Performance to influence people.

Relegious Devotion: 1 point.
Charles follows the Church of England. He may use this to channel 1 extra point of willpower per game session.


Superstitious: 1 Point.
What is a sailor without his superstitions? Charles is superstitious about things like; spilling salt, taking a woman on aboard a ship, red skies in the morning and most importantly witchcraft or anything remotely unordinary of a person. He is at +1 difficulty to any roll immediately after violating a superstition.

Poor Hearing: 3 Points. All that time with cannons going off is hell for anyone’s ear drums. Charles is one such man and is at +1 difficulty to all hearing related tests.

Infamy: 2 Points.
Deserters are well known in the world and community… but for all the wrong reasons. Most people who have heard of you give you a bit of a wide berth and will treat you shabbily because of it.




Admiral Charles Windsur has short cut brown hair wearing the clothes generally worn by a Red Coat of his rank. His face is weather beaten and strong.



During the American war of independence Charles Windsur was promoted to Admiral of the 7th naval fleet and led this fleet on a defensive on the home front against the French who were aiding the American rebels. Charles’ ship was struck by a storm and in order to take shelter he dashed through the nearest door. Visibility was low and it was not till he slammed the door that he realized. No ship has a room like this. He arrived in Tamlin House.

It is important to note that Charles was considered a deserter as he 'abandoned ship' during the strom before an upcomming battle.


Musket with Bayonet. (Can be used as a melee or ranged. 1 turn to reload)
Flintlock pistol. (1 turn to reload. If multiple ones are rolled when using the lock breaks and must be repaired. Can not be used this game sesion.)
Admiral's Sabre. (A sword with a ornamental golden hilt and crocodile skin handgrip.)

Total Freebie Points: 21 + 6 Hooks = 27

How I Spent My Freebie Points:

Perks (3)
+3 Physical Health (21)
Stealth +1 [1] (1)
Stealth +1 [2] (2)

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