Bonzo The Bear

Name: Bonzo the Bear
Concept: A bear mascot suit that has gained sapience.
Faction: House Native
Physical Health: 7
Mental Health: 7

Skills (Spend 10 points among any number of skills, to a maximum of 5 per skill. The skills can be anything. Please have a minimum of three skills.)

Strength of a Bear: 4 (Fighting, punching, kicking, breaking, snapping, crushing)
Super Duper Friendly, most of the time: 3 (Being likeable, persuasion, having fun, cheering people up)
Fluffy and Cuddly: 3 (Absorbing hits, hugging and cuddling)


Weapons: (Start with one, +1 item)

  • Large Wooden Baseball Bat — +1 to Strength of a Bear

Equipment: (Same goes here)

  • Squeezy Horn — +1 to Super Duper Friendly, most of the time

Keep in mind, you have to be able to apply an item to a situation in order to get the bonus.

Perks (Perks are earned)

Hooks (Hooks are character flaws or weaknesses, essentially the opposite of Perks. Add 1 extra skill point if your character has a Hook. Starting character may take only one Hook.)

  • Rage State: Whenever he fails a defensive roll, he enters a rage state for 3-4 turns, where he cannot control who he attacks.

History (Write a short blurb reminding us who your character is and how they got here.)

Bonzo can’t remember anything before he woke up as his suit, but he doesn’t think there was anything before anyway. The bear suit had always been in the House, lying on the floor of an empty room. One day, however, some Otherworldly being was messing around, and accidently gave the suit life.

Bonzo wandered the House for a day, before ending up in the Main Hall.

What does your character fear?
When in his normal state, Bonzo fears killing someone when he becomes angry. When in his rage state, Bonzo will attack anything.

What are your character's goals?
To make everybody happy!!!

If your character could be an animal, which one would it be?

What is your character's dearest wish?
For everyone in the World to be happy and jolly!!!

Why is your character here?
He was accidently given life, and wandered around the House for a few days.

If your character had a tattoo, or another one, what would it be?
A big smiley face on the centre of his belly!!!

If your character could have any superpower, what would it be?
To make anyone joyful and happy!!!

What is your character's greatest weakness?
Accidently damaging his friends or allies when he enters his rage state.

What is your character's greatest strength?
His bear-like strength, and happy personality.

Bonzo the Bear
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