Strength: A measure of how strong you are. One point in strength is the equivalent of your typical ninety pound weakling. Three points equates to a regular person who works out. Five points is a professional weight lifter, one of those guys who can bench press cars.

Dexterity: How flexible and balanced you are. One point is a base human. Three points is an average athlete. Five would be an Olympic gymnast.

Stamina: Your ability to both act for long periods of time, and to take a hit. One point equates to an average person. Three points would be your average military personnel. Five points is the guy at the circus who gets hit with cannon balls.


Charisma: Your ability to make friends and get others to pay attention to you. One point is a normal person. Three points is one of the popular people who has a ton of friends. Five points is an influential ideologue or celebrity.

Manipulation: A measure of your ability to deceive others and get others to act a certain way. One point is your average Joe. Three points is an experienced poker player. Five points is the Chessmaster.

Appearance: How adorable, physically attractive, or eye-catching you are. One point is your bland, average-looking person. Three points is that guy/girl you had a crush on in high school (probably). Five points is the kind of person whose name comes up as a suggestion from a letter or two on Google Image Search.


Perception: Your awareness of your surroundings and ability to discern details. One point is your generic oblivious sheeple. Three points is a good lifeguard. Five points is a paranoid spy on a caffeine binge.

Intelligence: A measure of your raw cognitive power and ability to understand things. One point is your run-of-the-mill blue collar worker. Three points is a college graduate with a professional job. 5 is a college professor.

Wits: How quickly you think on your feet and act under pressure. One point is a regular person. Three points is an EMT. Five points is a veteran Special Forces agent.

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