Sam Gregory's ongoing analysis of Water retrieved from Room #662

Entry 1:
In a recent expedition into the rooms of the house we arrived in room #662, labeled in the guide as the fountain of youth. The room appeared to be an empty room, with the exception of a small indentation in the floor filled with water, apparently originating from a hole in the ground. The idea to take some of the water was proposed. I took a sample of the water in a clay pot, and the automaton known as Soldier took some into a storage compartment within his arm. Upon "consuming" the water, Soldier's brass plating became noticeably less aged and weathered looking.
While Soldier was unable to deduce exactly how many years worth of deterioration had been reversed, it appears that the water does posses age-reversing properties.

Entry 2:
Today Soldier was kind enough to accompany me to the baths, where I instructed him to attempt to determine how much deterioration had been reversed from his reflection. An analysis of his own face revealed an apparent loss of approximately 200 years of age. He has also informed me that he had "consumed" 590 millilitres of the water.
It may be to early to jump to conclusions, but it appears that the water reverses age at an approximate rate of 1 year per 3 mL of fluid consumed. This is of course assuming linear scaling, and that the age reversal effect does not depend on the body mass of the entity consuming it, both of which will only be confirmed or refuted through further testing of the water.
Other subjects of study may be whether the water maintains it's properties after consumption, which may be tested using the water Soldier collected, and how the water responds to dilution and distillation. Further study may be carried out on inanimate objects, animals, or human test subjects.

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