Welcome to the Tamlin House

Tamlin House has been put on indefinite Hiatus.

Buried deep below Ayers Rock, lays Foundation Site 67, one of their most closely guarded secrets, a little black box SCP, with a name instead of numbers. They call it The Tamlin House, but the name does little to tell what exactly it is.

Entry to the site comes from a multitude of secret entrances, but all of them lead to a little wooden guardhouse by a lake of glowing blue water. In the dead center of the lake sits an immense construct, half submerged. The best way to describe it is as a castle of bronze, but this is like saying the Statue of Liberty is a large bronze statue of a woman. Every available surface of the House is covered in veins like tubes of the same liquid of the lake, and where the veins are not, the bronze is etched with odd writing that seems to move under your gaze.

A simple rowboat without oars awaits on the shore of the lake. Once all seats are full, the boat takes off under its own power, across the gently glowing waters. The closer one gets to the Tamlin House, the larger it appears, until the top vanishes into the misty vault of the cavern. Immense doors, each one easily 300 yards tall, swing open, allowing the boat entrance to a tall circular well, without an exit. When the door closes, the water bubbles, and then rises, bearing visitors to the upper landing of the House. Large iron doors await, with the House motto across them in Latin. Roughly translated, it reads "None who die may leave."

You've been exiled, assigned, detained, or otherwise been committed to exploring the depths of this great building. Can you and your companions figure out all the horrible secrets the House has to offer? Or are you too doomed to feed the hungry belly of the beast?

The Tamlin House game posits an exploration style IRC game, wherein characters from multiple factions seek to find out the truth behind the immense castle they find themselves stuck in. The Tamlin House is a masterpiece of time and space fuckery, effect happening before cause, co-location being a simple matter, and all that wibbly wobbly stuff.

Game is played in #tamlinHouse, with #307ale being the ooc room.

I highly encourage people who are interested to come into the channel and chat and discuss what you wanna play.

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